Things You Should Remember While Using Dating Sites

Things You Should Remember While Using Dating SitesThe world has changed, and many IRL activities moved to a digital sphere. Communication is the most vivid example here. The plethora of dating sites and apps gives anyone a chance to find soulmates, life partners, or anything in between these two. Services like OkCupid, Bumble, and PlentyOfFish have become quite popular for a reason. Still, despite all the obvious advantages of online dating, it also comes with certain risks and challenges.

In this article, we discuss some of the most common pitfalls in the world of online dating. Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay safe from scams and other dangers of digital dating.

1. Beware of Unfilled Profiles

Profiles on dating sites aim to provide users with initial information about each other before they start exchanging messages. In most cases, people fill in information related to their lifestyle, hobbies, age, personal interests, etc. This is the easiest way to form an impression of a person on the other end of the wire. Those users who skip the option of providing the community with information about them can’t be fully trustworthy. In other words, they may have something to hide from other people, and you can’t be fully sure that everything these people write to you is true. So be suspicious about unfilled profiles, as they definitely have something to hide from other users. 

2. Their Pick-Up Lines Are Too Explicit

Pick-up lines are commonly used to raise more attention to a certain profile, as they are one of the first things that catch people’s eyes. For that reason, some users tend to write uncanny and off-the-wall lines to get more attention. There is no doubt that a good intro can be a great incentive for further communication. Still, be careful engaging with people whose lines are too embarrassing for you. Also, some users who are not there to find a partner may use such tricks for offending or trolling other people on dating sites. Keep in mind that you can always complain to the moderators if anything might seem too violent or obscene for you. There is no need to get in touch with users that make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Keep Away From Users Who Push Forward Too Much

Of course, the main reason for starting online dating is to meet your partner in the real world. Very few users are fully satisfied with online communication alone. Still, certain users demand a real-life date from the first contact with you on the site. Ordinary people prefer to find out more about the person they exchange messages with, find some common interests — in other words, get to know each other better. However, those who insist on a quick real-life meeting can arouse much suspicion as the reason for their haste is not clear enough. If you are uncomfortable with a rash meeting, try to set certain restrictions. People who are obsessed with the idea of controlling their partners are not so rare on dating sites. Luckily, in most cases, they reveal their true nature pretty fast. 

4. Some Users May Play Double Games With You

Some online dating can finally turn into a real one, which is obviously a key goal for everyone who uses these services. However, don’t forget that the first date is just the beginning of a relationship, and people can still have something to hide from you. Some people use dating sites to cheat on their partners. Others date several people simultaneously. Don’t trust the person you correspond with blindly. Sometimes evil intentions can be hidden behind a smile. If your partner is wrapped in a mystery too much and doesn’t allow you to go deeper into their lives, it may be a warning for you. Try to spend more time with people you date to find more information about their lives and things they may conceal from you. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. 

5. Stay Away From Abusers

As already mentioned, some people tend to control everything in their lives, including their partners. Such people usually reveal themselves pretty fast. Of course, people can be swayed to change their plans now and then. On the other hand, some people actually demand their partners change their schedules and habits to fit into their way of life. Look closer at a person you date to for the first time. If this person makes you feel happy, there is a point of continuing communication. If something annoys or scares you, there is no need to continue this relationship, as most people hardly ever change. 

6. Take Care of Your Safety

There is no secret that people looking for a loving partner are not the only ones using dating services. Unfortunately, some users only hide their true intentions behind such masks. Abusers and kidnappers often use online dating to find their victims. Of course, you should not expect that every person you meet online is a serial killer, but some profile checks before a real-life meeting would not hurt. There is no shame in that because your safety is in your hands. 

Also, keep in mind some simple rules to protect yourself while attending so-called “blind dates.” First, think of the place where the date is going to happen. The best way is to choose a public place where you can call for help or draw other people’s attention if something goes wrong. Next, tell about your date to as many friends and relatives as possible. Another good idea is to inform them about the person you are going out with. If anything goes wrong, these people can help you if something goes wrong.

In general, online dating is a very comfortable way of getting to know new people and maybe even finding a soulmate. The sites themselves are neither good nor bad. Their quality depends on how people use them. Don’t be afraid to search for new acquaintances online. Who knows, possibly the person you’ve been looking for all your lifetime lives just a few blocks away from your house. Try new things and experiment. Just remember that not all the people on the dating sites are there for good reasons. Try to figure out who are the people you communicate with, what their true intentions are, and don’t ignore simple rules that can ensure your safety when meeting in real life.



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