7 Secrets to a Long-Lasting Marriage

7 Secrets to a Long-Lasting MarriageYou see an eighty-year-old couple canoodling, what are you feelings? Is it ridiculous to see old people exposing their love or are you jealous, because they were able to stay in love after so many years in marriage, while your relationship can hardly be called successful? If it's the latter, then you need to know simple secrets to a long-lasting marriage.

Marriage is always complicated, so don't think that old couples lived a happy life together and had no problems. They had their fights and arguments, their ups and downs, but whatever happened they knew what they were standing for. For their marriage. And they knew what to do to keep each other happy.

#1 Get married only if you're really in love. Don't get married just because of unplanned pregnancy. Unless you feel your stomach is full of butterflies, never marry. Love won't last forever, but it will definitely help your marriage be stronger.

#2 Don't compromise. Any relationship is not only about taking, it's also about giving. And if you feel resentful and unhappy for the amount you give and receive back, you're in an unequal relationship. You might think that love can mend everything, but it's not true. You're individuality and you've got your personal needs. Finding someone you really love doesn't mean that you have to give up on your identity.

#3 Communicate. Communication is the most important thing, so let your partner know what you feel, whether it's good or bad. Even if you're a strong silent type, you need to talk. Such types of people also can have long-lasting relationship only if they learn how to communicate.

#4 Choose battles correctly. You will have your own battles, but don't make your marriage full of them. There are more important things to discuss, like children, money, career plans, rather then whose turn it is to clean shower. Many couples fight for little things, while really important issues are left without discussion.

#5 Don't fight when you're hungry. Hunger may be one of the reasons why you say so many nasty things to your partner. So don't fight when you want to eat. And rather then telling something nasty, put anything yummy in your mouth.

#6 Put your partner before your children. When you've got a baby, it's really normal to forget about everyone and take care about him only. But remember about your relationship, kids grow up, too, and you might wake up when you're 50 and think where's your life gone to. Relationship with your partner is the most important thing, so take breaks and spend some quality time together.

#7 Remember about your needs. It's OK to sacrifice some things to support your partner or have a baby. But be realistic and think about yourself and the things you give up. If they are really matter to you, don't hide them. Communicate with your partner and try to compromise where it's possible.



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