10 Marriage Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

10 Marriage Myths You Shouldn’t BelieveTons of marriage problems we face stem out from our wrong ideas of what the real marriage is. We believe in different myths, like marriage solves all problems or it makes you stressed out. It’s time to bust the most common marriage myths.

#1 Marriage will fix everything. Marriage is not some kind of magic that can make good relationships out of bad ones. Nothing will change, and your relationship will be the same before you tied the knot. However, different studies show, that married couple are generally happier than the living-in partners.

#2 Marriage is hard. Nobody told you that marriage is easy, but it’s not hard neither. If you don’t treat your marriage as an unwanted chore, it won’t be one. Two of you have to put some effort to strengthen your marriage, and till you do that, it won’t be hard.

#3 You will always be in love if you marry “the one”. Love is only the chemistry that also has its expiration date. When you live with one person for a long time, it’s normal not to have butterflies in your stomach. Although you don’t have strong feelings, now you have bonds with your partner, that will hold you together for the rest of your life.

#4 Healthy marriages have no fights. If you think that your marriage is not healthy just because you fight with your spouse, you’re wrong. Actually, it’s abnormal to have no fights at all. You and your spouse are two different persons with different points of view and different needs. It’s totally normal that you disagree in some points. So fight, but choose your battles wisely.

#5 Having a baby will bring you closer. Indeed, having a baby is an ultimate bonding experience for every couple. But don’t think that it always works this way. Having a baby puts enormous stress on the couple, and while some figure out how they can handle things together, the other feel more stress than happiness.

#6 Sex becomes boring (and even dies) after you get married. Single people believe, that they have a better sex life than the married couples. They think, that different partners and no legal bonds make the trick. However, married couples have sex more often than their unmarried counterparts, and besides, the act is more emotional and satisfying.

#7 Having kids will secure your marriage. This is women’s common misbelief, that having a baby will secure the marriage. Being responsible for the wife and the child really makes men act more consciously and be more patient, but it’s not the remedy for all the problems. Once your marriage has a crack, it’s forever and not a single baby can save it.

#8 Your spouse has to read your mind. Leave the mind reading for comic books, while in real life, unless you’ve married a medium, your spouse can’t know what’s on your mind. If you’re mad or sad, just tell it, don’t make your spouse guess what’s wrong.

#9 You don’t have to tell your spouse everything. Keeping some secrets can make an enemy out of your spouse. Any vital information can’t be kept away from your spouse for any reason.

#10 There’s no happily ever after in real life. Many of us believe, that happily ever after doesn’t exist in real life, but it’s not true. If you love each other and communicate, you can go through any difficulties and then find your own happily ever after.



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