10 Things to Include on Your Marriage Bucket List

10 Things to Include on Your Marriage Bucket ListEveryone tries to set and reach goals, because we want to leave a trait before we die. But we forget one simple thing, that our relationship also needs a bucket list. Even if you and your spouse already have your personal bucket lists, it doesn't say that you can't enjoy your common list. So grab a pen and write down these 10 things, that you can include on your marriage bucket list.

#1 Have a honeymoon of your dream. Many couples don't take honeymoons, because they can't afford it or just don't have a chance. No matter what, you need to take it and spend time in a place you always wanted to visit. Just the two of you, and no one else. Even if you take your honeymoon years later after your wedding, it doesn't matter, because you spend this time to reconnect with each other.

#2 Throw a big anniversary party. Are you together for 10, 20 or even 30 years? It's time to throw a big party and invite all your family. It's the party to celebrate your love and marriage, and everyone will see that after so many years together you still have a spark.

#3 Go to therapy. Every couple needs therapy, no matter how happy they are. There is certainly something, that makes you complain about living with your spouse. Go to a therapist, who will help you communicate effectively and teach you to listen to each other.

#4 Do something dangerous together. Do you know what will bring you closer? Doing something dangerous together. Pick up anything: sky-diving, jumping off a cliff into water, swimming with sharks (but make sure, that it's totally safe). If it works in all those reality dating TV shows, then why won't it work for you?

#5 Travel together. Some people are real homebodies, and they never enjoy going somewhere. If it's true for you, then plan a trip together to any romantic place or country. In case you're travelers, visit each state or six continents together and make a selfie of two of you there.

#6 Plan your holiday without your spouse. It sounds weird, but you need to get some rest from your partner and spend a holiday apart. You will remember, how much you love each other!

#7 Build your dream home. Two of you have a vision of your dream home, so it's time to build it. Hire people who will make renovation for you. And never do that together with your spouse, because the mess of it looks romantic only in movies, not in a real life.

#8 Start a family business. Family business is so American! Find any idea and start your family business, that you will enjoy.

#9 Make at least one of your partner's dream come true. If you want to see the look of sheer happiness on your spouse's face, then make one of their dreams come true. Conquering the universe doesn't look like the one that you can manage, so choose something that isn't beyond your abilities.

#10 Find a hobby that two of you can enjoy. You may have totally different hobbies, but there should be at least something, that two of you enjoy doing together. Find a hobby, because nothing brings couples closer together than common interests.



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