Best Flowers to Give Your Girlfriend

Best Flowers to Give Your GirlfriendEvery woman loves flowers, that's why giving them is really essential. Don't wait till Valentine's Day, because you will spend a fortune, and don't think that your girl will love roses only. There are many romantic flowers to give your girlfriend, and this little guide will help you choose the right flowers for any occasion.

Did you know that giving your girlfriend flowers occasionally can save you lots of money and she even won't notice that you didn't bring any flowers on Valentine's Day? That's the fact that none of the flower companies wants to reveal. Flowers are really cheap during the year, and if you give your girlfriend a bunch three times a year (occasionally, to say sorry and for her birthday), you will save more than giving her flowers just for Valentines Day only. But let it be our little secret.

Now let's choose the best flowers to give your girlfriend. Here everything depends on what she really likes. If you know her favorite flower, then stick to it, because you know that she will appreciate the bouquet. But if your girl loves any flowers, then you can look at her behavior that will help you choose the right kind. If she puts her flowers on the windowsill when you give them, then impress your girl with any bright and big flowers, like sunflower, peony, gerberas and hydrogenas. But if she sticks her nose into flowers to smell them, then opt for stargazer lilies, which have amazing smell.

You can choose flowers to give your girlfriend according to the situation. If you're going on a date, don't take roses, especially red ones, because they are too cheesy. Leave roses for people in love, since these flowers are the very first symbol of love. However, if you're old fashioned, then you can give one white rose, which means friendship. Pink roses are somewhere between the red and white roses in their color and meaning, too.

It's better not to give your girl flowers on the first date. The problem is that they make you an ideal and très romantique in her eyes, and you're definitely not that type of man. The third date is OK, and in-season bouquet of any flowers works well.

Giving flowers for birthday is actually optional, because there's always cake. However, not a single lady will tell that her birthday was fine till that idiot appeared with flowers. Again, you don't need roses, because irises, lilies, sunflowers, peonies and tulips will impress her more. Use roses only if you've forgotten about her birthday and now you want to say you're sorry.

Remember, that every flower has got its meaning. Mostly we all know that roses stand for love, and that's all what we remember from flower language. If you want to render some kind of message via your bouquet, then make sure that your girl knows what you want to say. And beware of the chrysanthemums, because in some countries they mean death.



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