7 Ideas for a Double Date at Home

7 Ideas for a Double Date at HomeWhen you throw a party, then the more, the merrier. But when it comes to a date, you'd like to stay with your partner only. However, having a double date can bring some freshness into your dating routine. Check out these 7 ideas for a double date at home.

#1 Board games. Board games were created for small companies of four, so it's time to take your favorite game from the attic and start playing it with your friends. And if you're sick and tired of Monopoly or Scrabble, it's high time to try something new.

#2 Wine tasting night. You don't need to go to a local winery to taste wine, because it can be done at home. Choose the wine you'd like to taste (two or three are enough, and four is maximum) and prepare some food that goes well with it, like cheese, nuts, fruit and cold meat snacks. Make sure that you have plenty of water at the wine bar to rinse your glasses and your mouths before you taste the other beverage.

#3 Fake restaurant meal. There's no need to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy the food, especially when you're short of money. Choose a restaurant you all like and the dish you'd like to taste and try to cook it at home.

#4 One party, two different meals. One couple doesn't have to cook all the food for your double date. But instead of asking others to bring their own food, let them cook together with you. Just ask them to bring the ingredients for their own dish and only then start cooking. Everyone will enjoy cooking together and finally you will have two different dishes!

#5 Movie night. You don't need to go to the cinema to watch a movie. Pick up a film you'd like to see and make your own cinema in your living-room. Scatter pillows on the floor, make some popcorn and dim the lights. Now you can enjoy the movie and kiss your partner.

#6 A themed night. Don't you think, that it would be great to organize a themed night for your double date? For instance, you can have an Italian, Indian, Chinese and even Mexican date. What you need is to choose a theme, order some take away food from the restaurant and prepare a playlist for the night. Pizza, pasta and lasagna, chicken and veggie curry, noodles and wonton, burrito and taco – so many tastes and ideas for your double date at home!

#7 Retro night. If you really don't like any of the world cuisines, but still you want to organize a themed night, then try to make it retro. Dress up a little, pick up songs from your favorite retro movies and cook some retro food (any modern party food will work, but serve it in a vintage style, so no hotdogs and pizzas, please).



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