How to Choose the Right Wedding Suit

How to Choose the Right Wedding SuitWedding is mostly for the bride, because everyone will remember her in her dress. But it doesn't mean that you should wear any suit that you have. Do a bit of shopping, no matter how much you hate it, because it's your day too. Make sure that you look great in your outfit, that's why it's time to talk about choosing the right wedding suit.

Don't rent, purchase. Many grooms prefer renting their wedding suits, mostly because it's cheaper, and when it comes to tuxedos, you're not likely to wear it again. But don't think about the wedding as about your high school prom. It's the most important day in your life, so you deserve to look great. Also rented suits never fit properly and they look cheap.

Formal suit. The very first question you have to discuss with the bride is whether you need a formal or casual suit. Formal suites are very different and they can be worn during the morning and evening receptions. The morning suit consists of a tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers, it should be worn only to noon and early afternoon weddings. The tuxedo is a classic black tie, that is worn only to evening weddings.

Casual suit. Casual suit is what you're likely to wear not to the wedding only, because you don't want to spend money for the outfit you're going to take on once and forget about it. Look for the right color and the right fabrics, because they define your look.

Choose fabrics. The choice of fabrics depends on many things you have to keep in mind. If you're getting married in summer, the fabrics should be as light as possible, however, even this is not decisive. Think about the silhouette the fabrics form. If you want a sharp silhouette, then go for barathea or wool mohair.

Choose color. Don't choose black color, since it's not the only one suitable for the wedding. In fact, there are many other colors that will make you look great. Besides, black is the usual color for work suits, and you want to be more creative and have a fresh look at your wedding. Think about grey, because it's the color you just can't go wrong with, and it has many shades that will make you look bright. Don't go for navy, since it's too dark (although this color is widely recommended), but go for grey blue or mid-blue.

Avoid details you will later be sorry for. It will be so romantic if you have the pockets made of the same fabrics that your bride's dress, but you will never be able to wear this suit again. Colored buttonholes and other add-ons can say a lot, but it's better to let the cut be the first.



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