6 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

6 Valentine's Day Date IdeasAlthough some people think that Valentine's Day is overrated, a lot of couples consider it the most romantic holiday of the year, and who are we to dissuade them? If you have someone to spend this day with, check out our Valentine's Day date ideas.

Classic. A romantic dinner is a classic Valentine's Day date. It's a good variant when you've just started dating and don't know each other well enough to plan romantic surprises. Just don't forget to make your reservations in advance, because most good restaurants are usually booked out way before February 14.

Gourmet. If you like fancy food but don't want to have a plain old romantic dinner for two, don't worry: there are plenty of unconventional food-centered date ideas. You can cook dinner together, make cheese or chocolate fondue, book a wine or cheese tasting, attend a cooking class, enjoy an outdoor or indoor picnic, or buy tickets to a dinner theater (a dinner theater, or a dinner and a show, combines a staged play or musical with a restaurant meal).

Low-key. If you've been dating for quite a long time but haven't got stuck in the routine yet, you can allow yourself to have a casual and relaxed evening while everyone else is caught up in a romantic frenzy. Stay in, put on comfy clothes, order takeout, and binge-watch your favorite TV shows. Some people might think that it's not romantic, but that depends on how you define romance.

Geeky. If you're both geeks, use the occasion to indulge in your hobbies. Go to a museum or planetarium, hit the comic book store, throw a Star Wars party for two, marathon the Lord of the Rings trilogy (and if you're still awake by the time the third movie ends, start the Hobbit trilogy), play board games, bake superhero-themed cupcakes together... there are plenty of options to choose from. Having fun in a relationship is important, so don't be afraid to get dorky.

Stress-free. If the honeymoon stage of your relationship has passed and you've been under stress recently, book a romantic getaway and spend Valentine's Day or the closest weekend relaxing and enjoying each other's company. You can hit the spa, try horseback riding or hiking, or simply book a hotel room and have a mind-blowing sex-marathon (when was the last time you had one?).

Nostalgic. If you've been together for a long time and have run out of date ideas, try to reenact some of your most romantic dates. Go to the park where you had your first date, reenact your very first kiss, or have dinner at the restaurant where your marriage proposal took place. Revisiting your happiest memories will remind you why you're still together.



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