Cash Wedding Gift Guide

Cash Wedding Gift GuideAt every wedding you attend you're expected to give a gift. You can pick up anything from the registry, or you can give cash. In fact, many millennials are getting married when they already have their homes stuck with everything they need, that's why money is always appreciated. This cash wedding gift guide will help you decide how much you can and need to give.

#1 Your income. The rule of your income says, that if you have more, then you give more. If you were just out of a college, you'd give less, but now when you work, you definitely can spend more. Those who are unemployed can give as much as they can. Usually bride and groom know that you struggle that's why they say, that your presence is already a gift.

#2 Your relationship. The amount you give also depends on your relationship with the bride and the groom. If one of them is your distant friend, family member or coworker, then you can give $50-75. Cash gifts for dear friends or close family member jump up to $75-150. Also remember, that wedding party gives more than guests.

#3 Place you live. If you and the bride or groom live in a big city, and you have wedding there, then the amount you spend for the gifts rises. But if you live in a smaller city, then you don't need to bump up the amount.

#4 Your other contributions. You might have contributed to the wedding organization, then consider it as part of your gift. Whether you helped with handwriting the invitations or designing and printing out the programs, feel free to give less money for the gift.

#5 You give other gifts. There are so many wedding-related gifts you need to give: engagement party, bridal shower and wedding gift itself. You don't need to make all your gifts equal, and for different parties you can give less. Decide the total amount that you can spend for the gifts and divide it to three. Spent 20% for engagement party and bridal shower gifts each and the remaining 60% for the wedding gift.

#6 Destination weddings. Destination weddings are very expensive for the guests, because they need to spend a lot for tickets and hotel. With such weddings bride and groom don't expect you to give expensive gifts, so you can even skip cash gift and buy something less expensive from the registry. But if the couple is chipping in your expenses, then you can give something more substantial.

#7 Plus one. If you're going to take your plus one to the wedding, it doesn't mean that you automatically have to double the sum you give. Multiplying your base number by 1.5 is right.

#7 Cash or check? It really depends only on your likings, whether to give the gift in cash or in check. As well as bringing it to the wedding or sending it beforehand. Mostly people prefer writing the checks and sending them before or after the wedding.



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