6 Rules of Successful Grandparents

6 Rules of Successful GrandparentsGrandparenting is one of the greatest joys of life. You've been waiting for your first grandchild to be born, and now, when you're officially a grandma or a grandpa, you want to spend all the time with the baby. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, that's why beware the mistakes you can make. Follow these simple rules of successful grandparents, and you will have great relationship with your children and grandchildren.

Rule #1: Don't try to be a parent. We know you want to enjoy the happiness of parenting again, but it's not your role any more. Let your children do that, respect their own rules and decisions, and never ignore them.

Rule #2: Spend quality time with your grandchildren. As a grandparent, you'd like to spend all the day with your grandchildren, but it's impossible for many reasons. And when you finally have that time, make sure that you create many memories. Don't stay at home and watch TV, successful grandparents try to go out and enjoy water activities, make trips to the parks and just take walks to the nature. These activities provide many topics for conversations with your grandchildren.

Rule #3: Be generous. Being generous doesn't mean buying toys and offering financial support to your grandchildren, thus winning their love. In fact, money you spend for your grandchildren can spoil them, but you can be generous in many other terms. Dedicate as much time as you can to your grandchildren and be with them whenever they need you. Be hospital at your home and give advice, when you're asked.

Rule #4: Keep the distance. Try to maintain healthy distance with your children and grandchildren, because it's what all of you need. Even when your children don't do everything the right way or they don't follow your traditions, let them learn their mistakes. Also you need to know, that lots have changed since your first baby, and your knowledge might be really outdated.

Rule #5: Make time for yourself. Being a parent means that you need to balance many aspects of life, like your own marriage, children, relationship with extended family, work etc. And sometimes parents need your presence. But being a grandparent doesn't mean, that you have to be there any time to provide babysitting, daycare and errand-running on demand of your children. Set the boundaries and make sure that your children understand, how much help they can have from you.

Rule #6: Stay connected. In case you live miles away from your grandchildren, it's hard to stay physically connected with them. So use any opportunity to be updated about the progress of your grandchildren. While they are toddlers, you can ask your children to tell about the progress. And if you grandchild is old enough, you can call them, write e-mails and even chat on Skype.



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