5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Second Child

5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Second ChildWhile some couples firmly decide to be a one-child family, others hesitate whether to have a second baby or not. Of course, this important decision depends on many factors such as health, level of income and others, and no one can make this decision but you. Nevertheless, let us show you a list of reasons why you should consider having a second child.

Reason #1. Having a sibling can teach your kids a lot. When there are two or more kids in your family, they learn how to share, how to protect each other, how to resolve problems and conflicts, how to work as a team, and so on. Of course, an only child can learn all these things too, but with siblings it happens organically when they interact.

Reason #2. Siblings are there for each other. If the age difference is not too big, your children will be playmates and keep each other entertained. And even if the age difference is too big for them to be playmates, your children still can spend time together. The older sibling surely has something to teach the younger one. Besides, they can talk to each other about things they are less likely to talk about with adults.

Reason #3. You already know what to expect and can appreciate the baby stage more. When your first child is born, you're so afraid to mess up and so sleep-deprived that you might fail to appreciate the baby stage. Besides, you're too impatient and can't wait for your baby to reach the next development milestone. With the second child, you're more prepared for dealing with a baby and much more confident. You might even want for them to not grow up so fast so that you can really enjoy the adorable baby stage.

Reason #4. It's a bit less expensive. You already have baby equipment, books, your first child's baby clothes and maybe even your maternity clothes. (Unless you've sold all the stuff on Craigslist, which you haven't done, have you?) Besides, some expenses can be shared between the children (for example, food can be bought in larger and more economical packages, child care centers may offer sibling discounts). Of course, raising two kids is still expensive (you might need a bigger house and/or car, there are college funds and other expenses such as summer camps) but you get to save at least some money.

Reason #5. You could potentially have a boy and a girl. Of course, there is no guarantee, but even if you end up having two boys or two girls, it's still great because of the reasons we've already listed above. Having two kids is an absolute joy. We know that not everyone will agree, but if you and your spouse are inclined to agree with this statement, stop hesitating!



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