5 Signs That You Are Growing Apart

5 Signs That You Are Growing ApartNot all couples have their happily ever after. Even the best relationships can end for various reasons. Sometimes partners have a falling-out, but probably just as often they are gradually drifting away until one day they realize they’ve fallen out of love and don’t have much in common anymore. Here are 5 signs that you and your partner are growing apart.

#1. Less affection. Some couples are more affectionate than others, but every couples maintains tactile contact to a certain degree. Casual and not-so-casual touching, being inside each other’s personal space, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, kissing and, of course, different kinds of sexual activity – all these types of physical intimacy indicate your affection. If your relationship has become less tactile than it used to be, you might be slowly growing apart.

#2. Less communication. Of course, you still talk, but all your conversations revolve around mundane topics such as taxes and what to cook for dinner. When was the last time you talked about anything and everything like you used to? When was the last time you communicated about your moods, feelings, concerns? If you don’t have anything interesting or important to talk about and the silence between you is awkward rather than comfortable, there’s something wrong with your relationship.

#3. Less support. People in a committed relationship are supposed to support each other. This means, among other things, helping each other out and being happy about each other's success and accomplishments. Do you feel like you can always rely on your partner? Are they the first person you call when you have important or exciting news? Do they encourage your passions and ambitions? Do you encourage theirs? If you answer “no” to one or more of these questions, you might be drifting away from your partner.

#4. Less laughing. Although a shared sense of humor isn’t essential to a relationship, it plays an important role in attraction and compatibility. If you stopped making each other laugh or at least smile, that can be a sign that your relationship has hit a rough patch, especially if you used to laugh together a lot. A shared sense of humor helps couples get through tough times together, and if you no longer share that with your partner, how are you doing to cope with the difficulties you face?

#5. Less time together. Everyone needs some “me” time in order to stay sane, but it is important to balance your “me” time, time you spend with your friends and family and time you spend with your partner. If you are spending less and less time with your significant other, it may mean that the two of you are starting to grow apart. And if you are actively and deliberately avoiding your partner in favor of activities that don’t include them, that’s even worse.



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