10 Best Bridal Shower Games

10 Best Bridal Shower GamesGames are not actually required at bridal shower, but playing them will definitely entertain the crowd and break the ice between people who meet for the first time. And in case you don't know what games you could play, use this little guide of 10 best bridal shower games ever. Some of them may sound a little boring, but they are definitely fun when played in a group.

#1 Toilet Paper Couture. Every girl is dreaming of wearing a wedding dress. Now you give all the guests a chance to design their own dresses. Give everyone a roll or two of toilet paper and set the time, 15 minutes will be enough. When time (or TP) is out, everyone can demonstrate their dresses. Don't forget to make pictures and choose the best wedding dress!

#2 Bridal Bingo. It's like usual bingo, but it's all about the bride. There are many sites that can help you make your own Bingo printables! Customize them by replacing numbers with facts that are relevant to the bride and the groom.

#3 Wordless Wedding. This game can be played throughout the entire party. Choose one word, that all guests are prohibited to say aloud. That can by really anything, like groom's name or the word “wedding”. Also give each guest a plastic wedding ring and explain the rules. Once somebody says the forbidden word, the one who hears it can steel their the wedding ring. The person who's got the most wedding rings at the end of the shower is the winner.

#4 Purse Hunt. It's like a scavenger hunt, but everyone will be using their own purses. Make a list of things that can be in a purse. The list may include such common items, as lip gloss, keys, credit cards, phone, and the tricky ones, like spoon, passport, condom, dog treats, nail clippers, paperback book, glasses, chocolate, toothpick, aspirin etc. Call out every item and let everyone look for that in their purses. The one who finds it first and raises hand with it, is the winner. By the way, don't forget to give each winner a small prize.

#5 Love Story. Ask the guests to participate in writing a story, how the bride and the groom met each other. All you need, is a sheet of paper and a pen. Ask each guest to write a line on the paper, then fold it and pass to the next guest. They do the same, and when the story is finished, you can read this masterpiece.

#6 Ring Toss. You might have played this game at a local fair, so you know the rules: you toss the ring on a bottle. And since we stay in the theme of rings, let the guests play it. They have to make their teams and try to win the game. You will need some old wine bottles and a ring or any ring-shape object from a dollar store.

#7 Bridal Pictionary. Let the guests draw during this game. Collect slips of paper with wedding-themed phrases in a bowl. Divide guests into two groups and choose two people who will be drawing. They will pull the phrase and in 60 seconds draw it out. If the team can't guess what is drawn, the other team gets the chance to guess.

#8 Etiquette 911. Have the guests answer hilarious etiquette questions. Before you start, you need to make index cards with the questions. Make them as tricky as they can be. For instance, “What will you do, if you accidentally knock into the wedding cake?” or “What will you do, if the bridesmaids will get into a fight at the altar?”. Pass out the cards and have the guests write their honest responds, then collect the cards and read them aloud.

#9 Vow Collaboration. This game is the same as in the Love Story, but now have the guests to write the vow for the bride. The more hilarious the vows will be, the better!

#10 Love Recipe. You will need wooden spoons and a sharpie. Pass them out and have guests to write their best advice for the bride and the groom. All messages should be anonymous! Then collect the spoons and read the messages aloud. The bride's favorite spoons can be saved and framed as a wedding gift.



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