5 Bridal Shower Games and Activities

5 Bridal Shower Games and ActivitiesBridal shower is a party intended for showering the bride-to-be with gifts. It is typically attended only by women (bridesmaids, close friends and relatives) and planned by one or more close friends of the bride. If you're planning a wedding shower for your friend, you may be looking for ideas. Here are five bridal shower activities and games to entertain the guests.

Who said what. This game requires some preparation. The host of the bridal shower needs to interview the happy couple in advance, asking them to answer a series of questions about their relationship. Then the host writes down the list of quotes and prints a copy of the document for each guest. The guests' task is to guess who said what. At the end of the shower, the guest (or guests) who got the most answers right is declared the winner and receives a small gift.

Wedding night script. It is a naughty game for a younger crowd. While the bride-to-be is busy opening the gifts, one of the bridesmaids should discreetly write down everything that she says. Make sure the bride-to-be doesn't notice. Then gather all the guests together and read aloud everything that she said with your best bedroom voice, alternating the phrases with “aah's” and “ooh's”. It's what she will be telling her husband on their wedding night!

Honeymoon hunt. The honeymoon hunt is the naughty honeymoon-themed variant of the scavenger hunt. Before the party, the host hides items that the couple will need during their honeymoon all over. The list may include, but is not limited to, condoms, lubricant, lingerie, fuzzy handcuffs, sex toys, edible body paint, etc. Divide guests into several teams and give each team a list of the hidden items. Whichever team manages to find the most items in a limited period of time, wins. If you want to make the hunt trickier and more exciting, give the teams a list of clues, rather than items.

Clothespin game. When each guest arrives at the bridal shower, they are handed a clothespin. Then the host announces a “buzz word” such as wedding, bride, marriage, etc. If someone hears another guest saying the “buzz word”, they take their clothespin. At the end of the party, the person with the most clothespins is declared the winner.

Wedding movie charades. Before the party, the host makes a list of wedding movies and writes down the names on separate cards. During the bridal shower, guests are divided into two teams. A player picks a card and acts out the name of the movie or a scene from the movie without speaking, while their teammates try to guess the movie withing a set time limit. The team that guesses the most movies wins.



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