6 Bridal Shower Ideas

6 Bridal Shower IdeasBrides-to-be are luckier than grooms-to-be, because they get to have two parties in anticipation of their wedding: a bachelorette party and a bridal shower. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party hosted by one or more close friends of the bride and usually attended only by women. Bridal showers are not as wild as bachelorette parties, but they still can be a lot of fun. Here are six bridal shower ideas for you to choose from.

Tasting party. “What kind of tasting?” you may ask. Any kind you want! It can be wine tasting, cheese tasting, gourmet chocolate tasting, even beer tasting if that's what you like. There are a lot of variants. You have two main options here. First, you can contact a catering company that will host a tasting party for you. Second, you can throw a party yourself. Just ask each of the guests to bring their favorite cheese/wine/etc. with them. (It will take a little bit of coordinating to make sure that everyone brings a different kind.)

Cook-off. If the bride-to-be likes to cook (or wants to learn to cook), you can have a cooking-themed bridal shower. Buy an assortment of products, split into teams and cook delicious meals you will devour later. And let the bride be the judge. If the weather is fine, you can combine your cook-off with a BBQ party or a picnic.

SPA day / beauty bar. A bridal shower is the perfect occasion to pamper the bride-to-be and her guests. You can stay at home and make your masks and scrubs from scratch or head to the SPA and spend the day there, relaxing and having fun. If you opt for the second option, don't forget to book the SPA in advance, especially if there will be many guests.

Bowling. If you want to keep it simple, you can just go bowling. It is a great solution when many people are invited and none of the hosts has a large enough apartment. You don't even have to plan the whole shindig, just go ahead and have fun.

DIY bar. Ask the guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages and create unique signature cocktails dedicated to the bride-to-be, then let her choose the best one. Just make sure the drinks are not too strong, you don't want anyone to get wasted during the bridal shower. Another option is booking a cocktail making class and learning to make drinks from a professional bartender.

Slumber party. It is not exactly the most original variant, but it is definitely fun. A pajama party is a great choice for a girl's night. Put on your cutest pajamas and enjoy facials, mani-pedis, ice-cream, pink colored drinks and your favorite rom-coms or TV shows. An informal and relaxed slumber party will help the bride-to-be de-stress before her big day.



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