How to Throw a Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

How to Throw a Wine Tasting Bridal ShowerThere are plenty of ideas for your bridal shower, and many would find, that wine tasting is one of the best and mostly appreciated. We totally agree with it, because there's nothing better than a glass of wine paired with tasty cheese. But there are so many “How's?” and “What's?” that swirl inside of your head... So use our advice on how to throw a wine tasting bridal shower and have the best one ever.

Wine. Wine is the centerpiece of your bridal shower, and it's the first thing that you should think about. A couple of bottles of the wine that you prefer aren't enough for your bridal shower. You never know whether your guests will like it or not, that's why we advice you to take 5-6 different types of wine. They should be in different spectrum: white, rose, red, sweet and dry. By the way, champagne is also a kind of wine, that's why you also can include it into your party.

How can you choose the best wine for your party? Go to a wine store, where you can taste different wines. The store will help you pick the best wines for your party that are withing the price range affordable for you, and decide the right quantity of bottles for the shower.

Food. You know, what is the best paring with wine. Yes, it's cheese, and you need plenty of it. Your choice of cheese depends only on wine, that you serve. For instance, goat cheese and Camembert go well with Chenin Blanc, Merlot is paired with Brie, Gouda and Cheddar, while dessert wines are great with crème fraîche and blue cheese.

Make your cheese plates more interesting, by adding some crackers and grapes, olives and even cured meats. And if you think that cheese is not enough to feed your hungry guests, then add some dishes, that can be paired with wine. For instance, think about mini cheese quiches, fried cheese balls, baked brie etc.

Invitations. When you've decided the menu of your bridal shower, it's time to let your guests know what to expect. You can also pick a design for your invitations, that is matched to your bridal shower theme. For instance, use deep red and light yellow colors of wine and the pictures of wine or glasses.

Decoration. If you choose to host the party at a winery, then you even don't need to think about the decoration, but in case you opt for your own house, then different centerpieces will help you create the right mood. Flowers are great for any kind of a party, but you can also use bottles of wine, wine corks and even wine crates for the décor.

Glasses. It would be very awkward to find out during the party, that you don't have enough glasses for your guests. Every person should have at least one glass for wine, however, their quantity can be enlarged to four plus a flute glass if you're going to serve champagne. Every glass needs marking for the wine to be used (or if you opt for one glass only, then make sure that your guests always can rinse their glasses to pour another wine).

Party games. Your bridal shower will be very boring without different party games, so think about at least a couple of them. For instance, play “Who knows the bride best” game or give everyone a wine tasting score card. You can also organize a special DIY-corner, where your guests can decorate their glasses to their liking.



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