Spring Bridal Shower Ideas

Spring Bridal Shower IdeasThe moment when the bride is preparing to become a wife is alike to the bud that is about to blossom. Flowers, green branches, pastel colors and sweet treats paired with nice alcohol cocktails... What can be better for spring bridal shower?

Pastel colors. Spring isn't as bright as summer, that's why you need to use appropriate colors to highlight its mood. Pastel pink and mint are the best option for April and May bridal showers. And as the summer approaches, use brighter colors.

Paper garlands. Paper garlands are always great for any decoration, however, they seem to be created just for spring showers. Use the garlands to decorate the wall above the candy bar or let them hang from the ceiling. By the way, don't forget about paper pompoms and use them to decorate the table runner and save on flowers.

Pink balloons. Balloons make you think of festivity, and although you think that there might be no place for them at your bridal shower, you're wrong. Oversized balloon arch will be the central decoration at the party. Use different shades of pink and also some green branches and white flowers to make the balloon arch perfect. Don't forget, you're marrying only once, so there's always some place for such decoration.

Citrus accents. In case you don't know what theme to use for your spring bridal shower, think of citruses. Lemons and limes with their bright colors are perfect for spring shower. Put some lemons and limes on each plate and they will give the tablescape some color.

Berry accents and colors. You can enjoy the first fresh berries as early as in May, so it's time to use them for your spring bridal shower theme. Incorporating berry theme into your bridal shower is very simple: bright colors, berry desserts and, of course, drinks with berries.

Champagne bar. It's time to celebrate your bridal shower, and what can be better than a glass of sparkling champagne? Offer your guests to make their own champagne cocktails by mixing it with juices, berries and lemon peel. Make sure that you prepare everything for the champagne bar: bottles of champagne, mango, raspberry and grapefruit juices, lemon, berries, leaves of mint and glasses. By the way, don't forget to keep your guests hydrated, that's why keep a beverage dispenser with cucumber-mint water.

Smoothie bar. In case you're planning a non-drinking bridal shower, set up a DIY smoothie bar. It's a great idea for a lunchtime bridal shower. Make sure, that you use as many different fruits and berries for the smoothies as possible.

Spring food. Now let's think about the food you can serve at your spring bridal shower. The food should be light and sweet. For instance, if you want to serve berries, then strawberry shortcake cups and champagne fruit cups will be perfect for you. You can also use berries as toppers for waffles. And if you're planning a lunchtime bridal shower, then think of caprese salad skewers, hearts-shaped tea sandwiches and baby carrots with humus.



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