Dating Rules That Never Disappear in Marriage

Dating Rules That Never Disappear in MarriageYou used to have frequent spontaneous dates and do crazy things, while you were dating your spouse-to-be. But now, when you're married, your life seems to be totally different, and the love you had seems to be not so strong like before. The key to successful marriage is dating your spouse, even if you've lived together for 50 years! Remember these dating rules, that never disappear in marriage.

#1 Go on a date every week. Make your Friday night free and go on a date with your spouse. Being married actually doesn't mean, that your life is only about washing dishes in the night and watching TV together in the living room. Dating makes both of you feel happier and lets you relax. So dress up, plan an activity for two of you and go to have fun. Even when you come back home, don't forget about a goodnight kiss at the doorstep.

#2 Say compliments. Saying compliments to each other is very important, because these words show, that you appreciate what your spouse does for you and how they look. Your spouse deserves little compliments, so surprise them with a little note or a text message.

#3 Turn off your phone. Yes, you know your spouse very well and you see them every single day, but are you sure, that you spend enough of time really together? Psychologists are saying, that every couple should have a 15-minute talk every day, that is not devoted to financial problems, who's running to a grocery store of picks up kids. These conversations should be only about your feelings, and they can't be interrupted by your phone. You will have plenty of time to browse the page with photos of your friend later, but now be all ears, what your spouse is saying.

#4 Throw parties together. You may be in your 30s, but it doesn't mean that the crazy life is over. You're still young and you can throw cool parties for your friends. If you can't find any reason to throw a party with your husband, then you can celebrate the arrival of spring, summer, fall or winter. Think of any memorable moments, that you and your spouse have (the first kiss, date or whatever) and celebrate them.

#5 Give each other small gifts on the regular. When you were dating your spouse, you used to give each other small gifts. Even if you're married and you seem to have everything you need, still there's some place for small gifts, that will show your feelings and appreciation. In case you can't imagine what you would like to give to your spouse, then think of anything romantic and spontaneous: a getaway, a dinner in a new and fashionable restaurant, any interesting activity that is in your town.



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