8 Things to Do When Your Spouse Is out of Town

8 Things to Do When Your Spouse Is out of TownYour spouse has to go out of town for a couple of days or even months, and at this time you will be totally on your own. Yes, you will miss your spouse so much, but you will have plenty of free time, that you can turn into Me-time! Here are 8 things to do when your spouse is out of town.

#1 Throw a party. You see your closest friends from time to time, but still you don't have time for all of them. Now, when your spouse is out of town, you can throw a party at your house and invite everyone, whom you haven't seen for ages.

#2 Enjoy your hobby. Your work, house chores and your spouse take all your time and your have not a single minute to dedicate it to your hobby. Now, when you don't have to pay as much attention to your spouse is if they were here, you can spend this free time on your hobby. By the way, it's also a good opportunity to pursue a new hobby!

#3 Paint the house. Are you sick and tired of the color of your bathroom or bedroom and you want to repaint it, but you have no time? Now, when nobody is around you can do that. Hopefully, you choose the color that you want from the first time and won't have to repaint the walls once more before your spouse comes back.

#4 Start a new project in your garden. If you have a garden, it's high time to start a new project. Make new flowerbeds or plant some bushes and fruit trees. Or do something, that your spouse has been planning to do, but had not time for that. In case this plan requires some help, think of hiring people before your spouse leaves.

#5 Do things that your spouse doesn't enjoy. There are some things, that your spouse doesn't enjoy doing, so you don't do them neither. For instance, your spouse hates karaoke, while you love it. Now, when your spouse is out of town, you can head to the nearest karaoke bar and sing all night long.

#6 Do something for you only. Turn the time that you spend without your husband into Me-time. Have a relaxing bath full of foamy bubbles, make a new hairdo or even dye your hair. You also may go shopping and find a new adorable dress or lingerie to surprise your spouse, when they come back.

#7 Work extra hours. You have to maintain the healthy work/home balance, but your desire to earn extra money is understandable. Now, when you're alone, you can stay at work some extra hours and come back home later.

#8 Plan something special for your spouse, when they come back. No matter how long your spouse will be out, a week or a month, you can plan something special for the day, when they come back. It can be a romantic dinner or a fun date. Don't plan anything extravagant, just make sure that you spend quality time together.



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