Should You Contact Your Ex on Valentine's Day?

Should You Contact Your Ex on Valentine's Day?You're single on Valentine's Day, but it's not the end of the world. You can still have fun with your friends, who are also singles, or you might get very lucky and meet someone new on this day! However, your thoughts might come back to you ex and think of them, especially, if you broke recently. So should you contact your ex on Valentine's Day?

There are might be many reasons, why you want to contact your ex on this day. You've used to exchange cards and gifts on V Day and now, when you're no more together, you might want to continue this tradition. Or you just want to call them (or text) and wish a happy Valentine and find out how they are going. No matter what is the reason why you want to text or call your ex, don't do that.

Contacting your ex on Valentine's Day makes you look like you're needy and desperate of being alone. You couldn't get over your ex and now when you call them, you show how much you need them. Remember, that you broke up for reason and now there is no way back.

Texting your ex is possible only in case you're planning to get them back. But before that think, whether this step fits into your plan, and if no, then leave this idea. It will never do anything good. But if you see that you're about to reunite again, then asking your ex to go out on this day may become the last step towards the goal.

Should you send your ex a gift? This is acceptable only in two cases: you want to reunite and you've almost achieved the goal (it works as well as the call) or you want to revenge you ex, who's already dating someone new. A nicely packed anonymous gift and a card saying “Thank you for a lovely weekend and blowing sex” hand delivered to their place when they are sitting down to a romantic dinner for two will definitely ruin your ex's Valentine's Day and relationship... But we think, you're not so cruel.

We might couldn’t prove you that you shouldn't call, text and send any gifts to your ex and you're still eager to do that. Well, you can really do it, but make sure, that your message is friendly and never gives any hints or shows that you're desperate. Send your message in the morning and keep it friendly and simple, let's say “Happy Valentine's Day, hope you're doing great!”. Remember, that if you're already in a relationship, don't send your ex any messages. If you current sweetheart happens to read your messages, you might end up being alone this night.

That's it, you're done and don't send any more texts and don't call your ex, whether they text you back or not. The second message or your call will show that you've sent the message expecting for something more.



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