How to Stay Motivated When You Don't Feel It Any More

How to Stay Motivated When You Don't Feel It Any MoreWe all have times when we think that it's impossible to accomplish the goal. The bumps on the road make it very difficult. And let's face the truth, one morning you may wake up and think, that you're not sure about your choice at all, and you're about to give up. These tips will help you stay motivated when you don't feel it any more, and accomplish your long-lasting projects.

Accomplishing short-lasting projects is mostly not difficult, but when it comes to something that will last for months and even years, that's when the first problems appear. At the beginning everyone is full of enthusiasm, but wait till a couple of months pass, and you will feel, that you're not motivated at all to accomplish your project and make your idea come true. That's the time, when you need to reignite the fire of your motivation.

#1 Look back at what you've accomplished. Big projects always need small achievements and accomplishments. Whenever you feel that you're ready to give up, think about things you've already done on your way to your dream. Do you really want to quit it and understand, that all your efforts were in vain?

#2 Remember, that you're in charge. Accomplishing long-lasting projects is hard, because you have to change your routine and, may be, stop enjoying certain things. That's when your inner voice starts telling you, that you don't need that and pushes you to leave the project. When you start complaining about the changes in your life that you don't like at all, remember, that it were you who wanted it.

#3 Explore the reasons why you do that. You may face many difficulties on your way to the goal, and sometimes you may even ask yourself, whether you really need it or not. During such times just sit down and remind yourself, why you're doing this. Your initial feelings that made you go this way are the most important.

#4 Share your ideas with others. Did you know, why people marry and vow in front of witnesses? The reason is not that having a witnesses is super cool, but because having a witness of the vow makes us keep it. Marriage is no easy thing, like any goal. So when you share your intentions with other people, you have your witnesses. Do you want to be a loser in their eyes?

#5 Have plan B. Once you fail, don't think that it's destiny and you need to quit the project. Think of your failure as of a sign, that your initial plan was no good, and you would never achieve the goal this way, but instead of this you need to find a new and better way. Remember the words of Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”.



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