8 Productive Things to Do When You're Idle

8 Productive Things to Do When You're IdleYou're standing in a traffic jam, or your commute from home to work takes about an hour, or you just stay at home and watch TV. Your think that your body and brain needs this time to relax, but in fact you waste your time and later you will be sorry for being lazy. You could spend this time and do something productive! Check out our list of 8 productive things to do when you're idle.

#1 Organize your email. You're bored at work or you're going by bus back home, now it's great time to organize your email. We bet you've been postponing this for a long time, and every day you have a pile of letters, most of them are spam and subscriptions that you don't need at all. Set up rules and filters, create your personal signature, unsubscribe to excess newsletters, set up auto-forward rules and auto-replies. There are so many things to do with your email, that will later let you waste less time.

#2 Write down your goals. Do you have any goals? If yes, it's high time to write them down. The recent study has shown, that a very small number of people actually do that. And the ones who write down their goals, have a very high income. Would you like to change your life? Start writing your goals right now.

#3 Learn a language. Learning a new language is very important, because it gives you opportunity to reach new people. Don't pick up any language to learn, just to boast of your knowledge. Pick up languages, that you might need to improve your financial situation. Nowadays the most required languages are Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Arabic.

#4 Listen to audiobooks. Knowledge is power, but you can't take a book everywhere with you, and definitely you can't read while driving. But you can listen, that's what audiobooks are created for!

#5 Play games. Playing games is mostly considered to have negative effect of your productivity, but it actually depends on the kind of games you choose. There are special brain activity games, that help you train your memory, maths skills and pattern recognition. It's fun, easy and very useful for your brain!

#6 Plan anything for the week. There are many things to get planned for the upcoming week, and it would make your life easier. For instance, planning a menu for the week lets you know, what products you need to buy at the grocery. You can pin the recipes you like on Pinterest not to loose them. Also try to plan, what you're going to do during the weekend and write down the tasks that you need to be accomplished during the week.

#7 Complete small tasks. There are plenty of small tasks that need to be done, but we always postpone them till the last minute. For instance, booking a ticket, reorganizing schedule for a week, sending an email etc. These tasks take just two minutes to be done. That's really not long, but they pile. Keep the lists of these tasks and do something out of it, when you have nothing to do.

#8 Call your friend. Having friends is very important, but when you never have time to catch up with them, then you can call. There's nothing better than a good conversation with an old friend whom you haven't seen for ages.



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