How to Make Affirmations Work for You

How to Make Affirmations Work for YouWords have immense power, and they can destroy and build. The outcome depends only on what you constantly repeat to yourself and believe in. All you affirmations get impressed in your subconscious mind and it makes things you believe in happen in your life. We bet you want only something good to happen, so make affirmations work for you!

Many people find affirmations a great tool for achieving something. The trick is not only in mastering affirmations, that actually everyone can do. You have to believe in what you say to yourself and never let negative thoughts come to your mind.

The problem is that mostly people think negatively. They don't believe that they will achieve the desired result. Their thoughts are also affirmations, that are impressed on subconscious mind. And it's clear, why only bad things happen to them. Their subconscious mind attracts corresponding events and situations in everyday life, that are exactly the same the person believes in – failure, no improvement and loss.

Imagine a situation, when you and your friends decide to start running in the park and you need 3 mi to run. They do it, but this distance is too long for you, you know that you will be exhausted by the time you finish or won't run even till the middle. And now you start telling yourself, that you can do it. No matter how hard it is, you believe that you can do it and finally you get the result you want to. But if you say, that you can't do it, your subconscious mind really believes in it and you lose your ambition, faith and motivation. It happens just because you said so to yourself.

The other problem with negative affirmations is that they seem to be stronger, than positive ones. It's not true, they have the same power, but negative affirmations are easier to believe in. You've already had many failures in your life, and it might be very hard to believe, that this time you win. It's much easier to accept what's inevitable, as you think, and fail once more.

Positive statements do work! But you have to know how. First of all, is constant repetition. Repeat affirmations every time you can do that. For instance, when you have lunch or indulge yourself in a sweet cupcake. The taste that you love will help your subconscious mind believe faster and even stronger in affirmation. Avoid repeating affirmations, when you're too busy or you need to focus on something, like driving, crossing the street or working.

Don't think negatively at all. Repeating positive affirmations for 10 minutes a day and then thinking negatively the rest of the time won't change situation. Think only positively!

Learn how to create your own affirmations. You can use affirmations created by other people, but you can also create your own. First of all, your affirmation should be as short as possible, no long sentences, and contain only one desirable result. One affirmation is for one thing only.

Never use words, that have a negative meaning, like “not”, “never”, “dislike”, “lack”, “lazy”, “fail” etc. All words in your affirmation have to be positive. For instance, if you're losing weight, don't use affirmation like “I'm not fat”. The word “not” will reduce the power of positive affirmation to zero. Instead of that you have to say “I'm getting slim” or “I have my ideal weight”, and don't forget to imagine, that you're really slim!

Don't put affirmations in future tense. You live right here and right now, so you already need something, you use affirmations for. Example: you want get richer, so you use affirmation “I will have more money”. This affirmation is not correct, because you have to feel, that you're already richer, that's why using “I'm rich” is more productive.

Remember, that affirmations don't work in one day. You need to wait, but good changes will happen in your life and they will come, when you don't expect them at all!



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