5 Awkward Conversations You Need to Have With Your Partner

5 Awkward Conversations You Need to Have With Your PartnerWe wish there were no awkward topics for conversations with friends or partner, however they are. And sometimes we really need these conversations, because certain issues need to be settled once and forever, so we will never, hopefully, get back to that. We've gathered 5 awkward conversations that you need to have with your partner.

#1 The STD checks. Talking about the STD is definitely one of the most awkward conversations you might have with your partner. You never know, how many partners your date had had before they met you, and your concern about it is understandable. Many couples think, that if there are no symptoms, there's nothing to worry about. But remember, that many STDs can have no symptoms during their incredibly long incubation periods, and even might be asymptomatic. So, if you're going to start this conversation, don't ask your partner to get checked, instead of that offer them doing it together.

#2 Meeting parents. Meeting each other's parents is always a bit scary, because you want them to like you. But if you've already had a very bad experience at that, you will try to postpone this as long as possible. It's like diving in a cold water, you know you need to do it, but you just don't want to.

#3 Marriage. When you cross the three-month border, you know that now you're officially in a serious relationship, and if your partner doesn't seem to follow your thought, you need to separate. But if you're together much longer than that, then you should start a conversation about the possibility of getting married. Don't think, that you will sound desperate because you're still not engaged, and this way you just tell what your final goal is. The discussion of your marriage should never be awkward conversation.

#4 Your exes. Being in a serious relationship means, that you have no secrets from each other (or at least no major secrets, because we don't think that your partner will be furious if they don't know, who gave you those nice earrings). But they should know about your exes, as well as you have right to know about theirs. When you just begin dating, you really don't need this conversation, because for now it doesn't matter. However, don't forget about it, because once you might be in a really awkward situation, that could have been avoided.

#5 Getting pregnant. Unless you're a married couple and you worked on getting pregnant, this conversation about pregnancy won't be awkward. But if you've just started dating and despite all precaution you take you get pregnant, that's really another story. You need to tell your partner about it, no matter how much it's scary. You never know, how your partner will react, so the sooner you find out, the better.



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