7 Topics to Avoid on a First Date

7 Topics to Avoid on a First DateNot all first dates turn out disastrous, but it is quite common for people to mess up on their first date. For example, if you choose a wrong conversation topic, things will most certainly go downhill. Here is a list of topics you need to avoid on a first date.

Your past relationships. If you've already graduated from high school, you've probably dated a few people. This is perfectly normal, your date most certainly has a number of relationships under their belt as well. But your ex(es) are not the best topic to discuss on a first date. If you say bad things about your ex(es), you can come across as mean and vindictive. If you say good things, your date might think you still haven't gotten over your past relationship, and who wants to be a rebound?

Things you hate. Everyone has things they don't like or downright hate. Although it might seem like a good idea to bond over hating the same thing, there is no way to guess whether you and your date have the same pet peeves. Besides, your first date should not be associated with negativity. Keeping things positive will lighten the mood and leave a good impression.

Your problems. It's OK to have problems, but it's not OK to rant about your family drama or crazy boss on a first date. As we have already said, first date conversation should be devoid of negativity. Keep it light; it is too early for your date to know about your health problems, issues with relatives, traumatic experiences, etc.

Controversial topics (politics, religion, abortion, immigration, LGBT rights, etc.). Bringing up a controversial topic might create a tense atmosphere, and this is not what you want on your first date. Of course, knowing your date's views is important, but you should save such conversations for later dates.

Money. Money is a sensitive topic in pretty much any situation. Don't bring up your or your date's salary or money issues if you don't want to make things awkward. Avoid the subject of money until your relationship becomes serious.

Sex. If you relationship progresses, you will have to talk about sex at some point. But sex is certainly not a good topic for your first date. Sex can make some people super uncomfortable, and first dates are quite nerve-racking per se, so you don't want to make the situation even more uncomfortable by having the sex talk.

Marriage and kids. Even if your date is looking for a long-term relationship, you might scare them away by saying you want to have three kids and a dog or starting to pick baby names. The whole point of dating is to get to know the other person better before deciding whether you want to settle down with them. So don't tell them about your dream wedding between the main course and dessert.



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