What Is TMI on a First Date?

What Is TMI on a First Date?First dates are for getting to know each other. However, that doesn't mean that you should try to learn everything about your date and tell them everything about yourself. On the contrary, oversharing on a first date can scare a potential boyfriend or girlfriend away, so you shouldn't reveal too much information. What is TMI on a first date?

You exes. Unless you're in high school and it is your very first romantic date, you've most likely dated/slept with a few people. Your date has probably gone through a number of relationships as well. However, the people you used to date are not the best topic to discuss on a first date. You should be especially careful if you've just broken up with someone and haven't completely gotten over them. Your date might think they're just a rebound (and even if they are, they don't have to know it).

Your favorite sex positions/kinks/etc. Sex is a very delicate topic. If you get past the first date, you will probably have to discuss it. However, ranting about your sexual preferences on the first date is definitely oversharing, especially if you're not sure yet whether you are going to kiss the other person when your date is over.

Your crazy family. Naturally, we don't mean that you shouldn't talk about your family at all. Of course you can mention your parents, siblings, etc. However, you shouldn't tell your date about your family drama. If you start talking about your family issues, you'll come across as someone who is perpetually pissed at their relatives (in other words, not a nice person). So if you want to talk about your family, say only nice things and don't make the conversation about them.

Your present/past problems. People who are in a relationship are supposed to support each other, but you aren't in a relationship yet, it's just your first date. It is very important that your first date leaves a positive impression, so you shouldn't talk about negative things such as your health problems, traumatic experiences, money issues, things you hate, bad memories, etc. You're not close enough yet to seek emotional support from the other person, don't try to turn your date into a therapy session.

Your plans for the future (that may or may not involve your date). So, you want a small house in the suburbs and two kids, a boy and a girl (you've even picked the names already, but that's negotiable). You can't wait to tell your date about it, but we ask you please don't. Just don't. If the other person is not ready for this kind of commitment (and we guarantee they are not since it is your first date), you'll freak them out.



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