5 Little White Lies People Tell Each Other in Relationships

5 Little White Lies People Tell Each Other in RelationshipsSome people think that little white lies help strengthen relationships, while others are convinced that such lies are always bad and ultimately ruin relationships. Be that as it may, most people keep telling these lies to their significant others. Here are 5 little white lies people tell each other in relationships.

“I adore your mom.” Let’s be honest: we don’t always like our significant other’s family. That’s okay, you don’t have to be best friends with them. What you need is to respect them and get along with them. Some people want to avoid upsetting their partner and pretend to like their family, but it becomes harder to keep up the pretense as resentment grows. One day they just snap and things get ugly.

“I’m okay” (when you are obviously not okay). Sometimes it’s just easier to say “I’m okay” or “I’m fine” when you don’t want to talk about your problems. But ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Telling your significant other about it, on the other hand, might help. Maybe they won’t be able to help you solve the problem, but they will support you because that’s what our loved ones are for (among many other things).

“I really love your gift.” Everyone has given and received their fair share of bad gifts. It’s not like people intentionally buy bad gifts. In most cases, they mean well but screw up either because they’ve just started dating and don’t know the other person well yet or because they’ve been together for a long time and have run out of ideas. And most of us prefer to say that they love the gift not to hurt their significant other’s feelings instead of telling the truth (“I hate couples t-shirts, they’re too cheesy”).

“You’re the best sex partner I’ve ever had.” You should never ever talk about your exes when you’re on a date or in a relationship with someone new. But what if your date has self-esteem issues and keeps asking? Of course you tell them they’re the best. First, because you don’t want to ruin their self-esteem. Second, because right here, right now they are your best sex partner as they are (hopefully) your only one. Third, because there’s always room for improvement; if they’re not your best partner yet, they will be.

“I never lie to you.” You may never lie about big and important things, but even tiny, little lies are still lies. You lie because you care and don’t want to hurt your significant other, we get it. We bet they get it, too, because they tell you white lies as well. Everybody lies, so quit being a hypocrite and stop trying to convince your partner you always tell the truth. You don’t and they know it.



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