How to Deal With Your Boyfriend's Dog

How to Deal With Your Boyfriend's DogYour boyfriend owns a dog, and you're not a pet-person at all. You don't like his pet and can't stand its dirty paws, drooling, barking, fur, bad breath and poops everywhere. You really hate this dog, and sometimes you think, that the animal can become the reason to break up with your boyfriend. If you want to save your relationship, then you need to deal with your boyfriend's dog.

The key to successful life with your boyfriend and his dog is understanding his feelings. He loves his dog and wants you to love it too. And if you don't know how you can change your mind, this article will help you find something good about having a dog around.

Try to spend more time with the pet. It may seem very strange, especially if you really don't like dogs, but you need to spend more time with the dog. Walk and play with it to show your boyfriend, that you're trying to accept his dog.

Discuss any problems you have with your boyfriend. You need to let your partner know, that you don't like his dog. Discuss your feelings and try to explain, what really annoys you about the dog. Mostly people don't like certain pets because of the problems they create. And exactly those problems should be faced. If it's the dog's drool that makes you feel so upset, then find a way to deal with it. For instance, many behavior problems can be solved by asking help from experts, who can train the dog.

Appreciate the dog for what it can offer. Having a dog in your house isn't only about feeding, cleaning and taking care of it. The dog can offer you many benefits. Did you know, that people who have pets are less apt to have heart diseases? Kids who grow up in a house with dogs are less allergic. If you're not so prospective about owning a dog, then you should know, that dogs are highly empathic and can read person's face. When you will be nervous or depressed, the dog will come to comfort you and cheer you up.

Don't resent the dog, just because it's there. Try to be nice to the dog, and the dog will be nice to you. Dogs love people who surround them, unless your boyfriend owns a dog with special needs and very difficult character. And being mean to the dog all the time won't do anything good to your relations.

Find a shelter. The last thing to do is to find a shelter for the dog, where it can be treated well. It should be done only in case, if you see, that you and your boyfriend can't give the dog the care it needs. If you can't walk the dog two hours in the morning and in the evening so it gets enough physical exercise, then it's better to find someone, who can do this for you. Talking your boyfriend into this will be very difficult, but it's actually what the dog needs, if it's been mistreated for a long time. Be fair to the animal too, and think of it's needs.



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