Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents for the First Time

Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents for the First TimeYou love you boyfriend and meeting his parents is the obvious sign, that your relationship is going to the next level. Although you're happy with it, you feel nervous, because you want his parents to like you. You must have heard a bunch of horror stories about the awkward first meetings and dislike or even hatred that followed it... Use our tips for meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time and win their love.

Come in time. There's nothing worse than a person who comes too late and rushes into the house. You don't want your boyfriend's parents see you flushed and running. Make sure that you have enough time to get ready.

Think what you're wearing. You need to feel comfortable in the outfit that you're wearing, and at the same time you have to look elegant and pretty. Revealing too much body is not appropriate (his parents might be religious and regard your outfit too revealing). Be modest, because you're not going to the night club!

Make a small present. Coming empty-handed isn't very good, that's why you should make a small present for his parents. For instance, if you're invited to a family dinner, then you can take a small side dish. If you're old enough, you can bring a bottle of wine.

Do some extra research. Before you arrive to his parents' house, you need to do some research about what they like or dislike. This information will help you in conversations, especially, when you touch the topics concerning his parents' hobbies or likings.

Mind their culture and religion. If your boyfriend is from another culture, then you need to know its basics. For instance, telling that you don't like the food is rude in many Asian cultures. Even if you failed to learn more about the culture and religion of your boyfriend's parents, then at least make effort to understand it while you're together having a dinner.

Show your admiration for their son. Showing your admiration for their son is good, but you certainly have to avoid the PDA. Not a single mom wants so see some lady sucking her son's face off. You may hold his hand or give a hug, nothing more!

Ask about your boyfriends childhood. All parents adore talking about the childhood of their children and showing their pictures. Don't miss a chance and ask it. You're definitely to win some extra brownie points, but be prepared to listen to some funny stories from your boyfriend's childhood, that he would never like to tell you.

Make compliments and be polite, but don't be dishonest. Being polite and telling “thank you” and “please” never goes out of style, but don't be too polite. Tell, if something makes you uncomfortable, because hiding it may cause tension between you and his parents. Regarding the compliments, be truthful, and don't tell that you admire their kitchen, while you can't stand the color of the walls. Some people love flattery, but many really can see through the false praise.

Stay away from family dramas. Being present at a family drama is really awkward. But whatever is going on around you, never take any sides. Even if you want to take you boyfriend's side, keep out of the drama. Stay neutral, because it's their family's business, not yours.

Help. Offer your help to wash the dishes after the dinner. Even if his parents refuse your help, at least you asked and showed your respect.



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