6 Tips for Throwing a Spring Party for Your Friends

6 Tips for Throwing a Spring Party for Your FriendsAfter a long and cold winter everything you want to is to let the first warm days and rays of bright sun into your life. Throwing a spring party is very easy, but you need special decoration and treats to make it perfect. We've got 6 great tips for throwing a spring party for your friends!

#1 Spring food tips. Spring food shouldn't be as hearty as in winter, so now you can choose something lite and sweet! By the way, if you want to save money on your party food, then plan something, that your friends can eat with ease, like fork-only fare or petite treats: radishes with pea puree, stuffed mushrooms, canapes, crostini, mini croissants. Also try to prepare as many different dips as you can, and serve them with vegetables. Your friends will experiment with new tastes. And for dessert serve berries. There's nothing better than chocolate covered strawberries rolled in chopped nuts.

#2 Spring drink tips. There's no need to stock a full bar for a spring party. Sweet punch and nonalcoholic cocktails will be adored by your friends. Set the drink station with pitches of beverages you've prepared and little garnishes, like lime, lemon, orange slices, leaves of mint and strawberries. Also you will need napkins, ice bucket and straws. Keep the glasses as simple as possible and avoid using expensive stemware.

#3 Spring party decoration tips. Spring themed party is so easy to organize, the only thing you need to do is to add some decor. Set the table and keep some place for table settings with fresh flowers (you can even arrange them on the eve to save time on the party day). Paper butterflies and spring flower wreath on the door will add some festivity to your house. You can even fold table napkins into rose flowers to make the table setting inviting!

#4 Easter theme. Don't forget, that spring is always about Easter! So why don't you use this theme, if you're throwing your party close to Easter? Chocolate eggs and bunnies, flowers and baskets are all you need for your party decor.

#5 Spring activity ideas. Your party will be boring, if you don't prepare any spring activity ideas for your friends. What can that be? For instance, egg hunt, that is just like an Easter hunt, but you hide plastic eggs everywhere. Explain the rules to your friends: every person should run only to the designated area and return to the team after they've found an egg. Another funny game for your friends: fill a bowl with Jelly Beans and give each team a spoon and a small cup. Every player must transfer the Jelly Beans from the bowl into their cup using only the spoon, that must be hold in player's mouth all the time.

#6 Spring treats to go. Let your friends save the memories about your spring party by sending them home with small favors, that feature your party's standout snack or sweet. For instance, that can be macaroons nestled in boxes.



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