8 Signs That You're a Bad Friend

8 Signs That You're a Bad FriendYou might think, that your friendship is great and there are no reasons to worry about it, because your friends never say anything that you're always late, take and never give or cancel the plans in the last minute. Don't be surprised, if no one comes to you when you need them most of all. Check out these 8 signs of a bad friend, and find out, if you're one.

#1 You're always late. Your life is packed with lots of things to do, but can you come in time? If your friends have already stopped counting on you, then you're a bad friend. Remember, that when you show up late or don't show up at all, it conveys to your friends, that they are not valuable.

#2 You call your friends only when you need them. Friendship, as well as any kind of relationship, is always about taking and giving. But if you only take from your friends and never give them anything, then you're a bad friend. Your relationship is wrong, if you hang out with people when you need them and never vice versa.

#3 You think that you're superior. Friendship is never about that someone is being superior. It's not you who makes the world go round, and you and your friends should be equal.

#4 You never listen to your friends. You're the chatter-box and can't stop telling about your problems or achievements in your life. A new dress you've bought, a nice guy you've met... And does your friend has something important to say? We bet, yes, but you never listen to them, because you're focused on you, you and only you all the time.

#5 Your friends are not as important as your date or job. You're busy at your job or you're planning a date and never find time for your friends. And if your plans are canceled, only then you remember about your friends! Not a single person loves to be second best, so you need to check your schedule.

#6 You lie to your friends. Lying on a regular basis to your friends is certainly one of the most obvious signs, that you're a bad friend.

#7 You gossip about your friends. Gossiping is as bad as lying, didn't you know that? So if you're gossiping about your friends behind their backs, you're surely a bad friend.

#8 You're not initiative. Let's think, who makes all the planning. Are these your friends, who call you? Are these your friends who figure out, what to do, when you're together? Lack of your initiative doesn't mean that you're indecisive person, it just points out, that you're not interested in friendship at all.

In case you find some of the listed signs in your behavior affecting your friendship, it's time to change your attitude towards your friends. Luckily, everything is possible! If you don't do this, then one day you will understand, that there's no one who stands for you at all.



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