A Beer-Themed Wedding? Possible!

A Beer-Themed Wedding? Possible!Wines and liquors are still the classic majors for the weddings, however, many couples are beer lovers and want to have beer as the signature drink. And it's possible! Organizing a beer-themed wedding is so simple, but you need to know what organization problems you might face.

How much beer you need to buy? This is the very first question that comes to mind. The quantity of drinks depends on the number of guests that are invited to wedding. However, remember, that not every person drinks beer. Children, pregnant women and also people who just don't like beer. And now, when we know the approximate number of guests who will drink beer, we can calculate, how much drinks we need to buy. The bartenders say, that you need 3 drinks of beer per person, that is one drink per hour. And if the party will last longer, then add one more drink for each extra hour.

Kegs vs. bottles. Men think of a beer-themed wedding as of a great party, that's why they definitely choose kegs. But women see the wedding reception as a formal event, and if they agree on serving beer, then it should go in bottles. The choice of bottles and kegs actually depends on the price you're ready to pay for the beer. Kegs are always cheaper, than bottles and cans, and its taste is better and richer. However, if you're not sure that the keg you're buying will be drunk, then opt for bottles and cans, that can be stored or your guests will be able to take them home.

The size of keg to choose. It's simple to calculate the number of bottles to buy for the wedding reception. As we've already mentioned, three drinks are enough for one guest. But the size of a keg is different, and you need to know how much beer you need. American beers mostly come in three sizes of kegs:

  • 1/2 barrels (full size) – 165 glasses
  • 1/4 barrels (pony keg) – 87 glasses
  • 1/6 barrel (sixer) – 55 glasses

Kinds of beer to serve. The most important rule to remember, if you're planning a beer bar, don't serve more than 2-3 kinds of beer. Guests won't be able to choose, what beer they would like to taste, and it will create a long line. And if it concerns the kinds of beers to choose from, take one light and one dark beer.

Popular brands vs. local brewery. Mostly people already have some preferences and would be happy to get the beer of a popular brand. But there's always a better choice: local breweries can provide you with much tastier beer, that will go in a keg. So if you want to please your guests, definitely opt for beer from a local brewery.

Seasonal and flavored beer. It's also a nice idea to serve some seasonal or flavored beers to make your wedding more interesting. Pumpkin beer is perfect for autumn wedding, and light citrus and berry beer is good for spring and summer weddings.

Non-alcoholic beers. Some people can't drink alcohol, and if you want them to join the party, provide non-alcoholic beer for them. Ginger beer is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages, but check twice, because some of them do have alcohol.

How to serve beer. Serving beer is the most tricky. If you want a keg, then you need a bartender! But if you opt for bottles and cans, then every person can take one. Serve beer in an interesting container, like a boat or an old bath-tub, filled with ice.



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