7 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist Before Hiring Them

7 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist Before Hiring ThemGorgeous flower centerpieces will be the main decoration of your wedding site, but lame florist will spoil everything. The centerpieces won't look as good as you imagined, flowers will wither and you will be charged for that disaster! Remember these 7 questions to ask a wedding florist before hiring them.

#1 How long have you been doing weddings? When it comes to the choice of florists, experience is a huge factor. However, even experienced florist may not share your vision, thus won't be able to create the arrangements and centerpieces that you need for your wedding. Experience may mean only ability to crack weddings, but no skills to create a unique wedding design, like an up-and-comer. So try to balance and find the florist, who will be able to satisfy your needs.

#2 Can I have a look at your portfolio? You need to know, what kind of centerpieces and arrangements this florist can create, and see, if they are good for your wedding. If the florist never shows you pictures of their past design, then it's time to ask yourself, whether you're talking to a professional or not. When you will be looking through pictures, ask, whether these arrangement were their own or something that the other couple envisioned. If you like the look of the arrangements, this florist will be able to recreate it again. And if you don't like it, ask to show you something, that reflects their own style.

#3 What's your style? There are many styles to work within, and good florist can embrace all of them. However, there's always one style, that is the closest. The floral arrangements of this style will shine.

#4 Can you work within my budget? Actually, florists are able to work within any budget, but you need to ask this question before the process begins, especially, if you're trying to save on everything. The florist you're talking to will be able to give you hints on how to compromise and what flowers should be used to achieve the look you want without spending a fortune.

#5 Are there any extra charges? The sum that you pay to your florist may not include all the expenses. For instance, delivery, setup and breakdown may not be included into the bill, because you're charged for flowers and labor only. Vases for your centerpieces are also rented, so ask, what happens, what if you want to keep one of them, or one of your guest will take it home.

#6 Do you offer any other services? Florists may work not only with flowers! Sometimes, they are more like event designers, so you can get some extras, like furniture, draping, lanterns, chairs etc. it's always better to work with one professional (and thus save on delivery fee) and reduce your stress. If your florist doesn't provide anything else, then you can ask them about their regularly partners.

#7 How many weddings do you take per day? Many florists may take more than one wedding per day, and it means, that the flowers will be arranged at your wedding site by other designer. You need to know how many lead designers your florist has and how many weddings they will be handling on your wedding date. We bet you want to get as much attention, as possible, so don't hire florist, who's already full.



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