Wedding Ring Engraving Tips and Ideas

Wedding Ring Engraving Tips and IdeasEngraving wedding bands is one of the most popular ways to make the rings more personal. You can write something special for two of you, that will always be your secret you share with your spouse. But before you start doing that remember these wedding ring engraving tips and ideas.

When. You can order engraving any time you want, but remember, that it may take some time. Machine engraving can be done in seconds, while hand engraving may take about a month. So make sure that your rings arrive in time before the wedding day. If you don't know for sure, ask your engraver or jeweler, how long you should wait.

Rings. Although you think, that engraving can be made on any ring, you're wrong. Very thin and highly contoured rings can't be engraved. Also remember, that you won't be able to resize, exchange or return the engraved ring.

The characters. The number of words that can be engraved on your wedding band depends only on the size of your finger. The smaller your finger is, the shorter the message should be, and larger rings allow longer sayings. In case you're not sure, that the quote you've chosen for engraving isn't too long, ask about it the jeweler.

Check spelling. Double check the spelling of the phrase you want to be engraved, especially if you choose to use your nicknames. The jeweler may not know what that phrase you've given them means and won't be able to correct the mistakes (actually they never do it and engrave the text you've given), so it won't be fun to find a mistake just before the wedding. By the way, the engravings can't be changed, so carefully check the spelling of each word!

Unique ideas. Usually wedding bands are engraved on the inside, but you can also order unique engravings. For instance, the words can be engraved around the rim of the gem itself or even on it! Such engravings are made by laser and are very small to be spotted to the naked eye. One can see them only with a magnifying glass. And engraving on the gem will be kind of its “birthmark” in case it's stolen or lost.

Choosing correct words. It's always hard to find something special to engrave on the rings, but mostly couples prefer use their names. Some use meaningful words, sentences and even jokes. No matter what you choose, you need to love this phrase! For instance, will you love the phrase “Do not lose” in 20 years, or when you will be 80? May be, you might want to read “Forever” instead of “Do not lose”. So think twice before you choose something funny.

Ideas for Engravings

Names, initials and dates. Engravings that include names, initials and dates of the wedding are the most popular. However, instead of wedding date you can choose to engrave another special and meaningful date: the date you met, get engaged or even the date of your partner's birthday. Also think about the idea of engraving your initials on your partner's ring and their on your ring.

Quotes. You may find some quotes or sayings that perfectly describe your feelings, so you can choose them. The most popular and meaningful are “I do”, “Forever”, “Eternally yours”, “Always”, “All my love”, “I'm always with you”.

Religious verse. If you and your partner are spiritual, then you may want to engrave words from the Bible. The classic options are “My lover is mine, and I am his”, “Love is kind”, “God bless this marriage”, “Joined under God”, “In God and thee my joy shall be”.

Connected sayings. Some quotes may be too long for one ring or they have two parts. You still can use them, but your need to split the saying and engrave half of it on one ring and continue on the other.

Personal saying and nicknames. You're together for a long time and you definitely have personal nicknames or sayings that only two of you understand. You can also use them to be engraved on your wedding bands.



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