Top 5 Alternatives to the Wedding Dinner

Top 5 Alternatives to the Wedding DinnerTraditional wedding means that your guests expect a wedding dinner, that is as boring as expensive. Making the guest list ten people shorter can save you lots of money, but there are another ways to feed everyone you've invited and entertain. Our top 5 alternatives to the wedding dinner will help you make your wedding unique, fun and less expensive.

#1 Breakfast, brunch and lunch. Did you know that wedding dinner became popular relatively recently? Before that it had been popular, especially in the UK, to organize wedding breakfast. Guests had had some champagne and really light meal (who has a six-course meal in the morning?) and the newlyweds departed for their honeymoon. Isn't that great idea to have a wedding breakfast instead of dinner? And if your guests are not the early birds, then opt for a wedding lunch. The meal shouldn't be as heavy as dinner, and guests will drink less than in the night, so you can save thousands at least on booze.

#2 Drink or eat? Did you ever think, what''s more important for the guests at your wedding: food or beverages? We bet, that you will be surprised with the answer! You might have seen the waiters cleaning the plate with hardly touched meal (and it cost you money), while it never happens with the cocktail glasses. So instead of providing a hearty meal for guests, think of some extra beverages in the bar. Your guests will be happy.

#3 Heavy snacks. It's hard to find a wedding, where every guest would be happy with the dinner. Some don't like your choice of the dishes that are served, others complain about the company that they had. Avoid it by providing a buffet with heavy (and we mean it) snacks. Shrimp cocktails, tuna sandwiches, canapes, chicken satay, spring rolls... Every guest will be able to choose something to their liking and be really full. The hidden benefit of snacks buffet, is that no one will be forced to sit down and eat. Everyone will be able to move around and interact with each other.

#4 Food truck. The food truck culture is blooming in many places, so it's only the question of time, when the couples start choosing this way to feed all guests. Food trucks provide you with hearty and tasty meals, that everyone loves, and you will also save lots on catering!

#5 A cocktail party reception. It's similar to the snack party, and you serve cocktails and some appetizers, which shouldn't be hearty at all, if you organize it in the afternoon. Just make sure, that you clearly explain the style of your party in the invitation letter.



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