4 Tips for Planning a Mixed-Gender Bachelorette Party

4 Tips for Planning a Mixed-Gender Bachelorette PartyA bachelorette party us a party held for a woman who is about to get married. Such parties are traditionally attended by the bride-to-be's female friends and are generally seen as an opportunity for female bonding. However, some brides don't want their male friends and family members to feel left out and invite them along. Here are some tips for planning a mixed-gender bachelorette party.

Tip #1. Make sure your fiance knows you're going to have a mixed-gender party. You don't exactly need your fiancé's permission to invite your male friends, but it will be nice of you to let him know and ask him how he feels about it. And keep in mind that if you have the right to invite your male friends, he has the right to invite his female friends to his bachelor party. By the way, if you have many mutual friends, you can throw a single bachelor/bachelorette party for all of them instead of two different parties.

Tip #2. Don't let your or your fiancé's family dissuade you. Even if your fiancé is completely on board with the idea and isn't even a little bit jealous, some of your more conservative relatives might think that a mixed-gender bachelorette party is too unconventional and even plain weird. Well, their opinion shouldn't really matter. It is your wedding and your party, and it is up to you to decide who is going to be in attendance.

Tip#3. Whatever entertainment is planned, it should actually be entertaining for all genders. We don't think that all your male friends are going to enjoy male strippers, naked butlers, spa treatment, or trading intimate secrets. You need to make sure that everyone is entertained during the party. There are a lot of fun gender-neutral options (some of them don't even include alcohol): a pub crawl, a night out in a club or casino, a rock concert, a burlesque show, a backyard BBQ, a paintball game, a scavenger hunt, etc.

Tip#4. No exes. Even if you're on such good terms with your ex(es) that you've invited him (them) to your wedding, they shouldn't be invited to your bachelorette party. First of all, your fiancé will probably feel very uncomfortable even if he's the least jealous and possessive guy on Earth. Second, alcohol can make people do strange things like making out with their exes. We don't doubt that your love your fiancé and aren't going to cheat on him with your ex, but better safe than sorry.

Remember that a bachelorette party isn't about being naughty, it is about having a great night out with your closest friends who love you and support you, and their gender really doesn't matter.



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