6 Tips for Wedding Guests

6 Tips for Wedding GuestsIf you've been invited to a wedding, you need to learn some basic wedding etiquette rules in order not to spoil one of the most important days in the happy couple's life. Here are 6 tips for wedding guests that may come in handy.

Tip #1. RSVP as soon as you can. Replying to a wedding invitation isn't just a formality. The couple need to know how many people are going to come because they need to give their planner a final head count. It is okay to decline an invitation, but it is rude not to reply at all. You should also keep in mind that it is unacceptable to bring a date to a wedding unless the invitation explicitly states that you can bring a plus-one. The same goes for your kids, don't tag them along unless the invitation is addressed to your entire family or contains your children's names.

Tip #2. Buy a gift. Sometimes guests bring their gifts to the reception or the bridal shower, but common practice is to send gifts to the home of the couple or the address they've stated in the registry about two weeks before the wedding. You don't have to choose the gift from the registry, just make sure that it is thoughtful and not too cheap (some people say that a wedding gift should be equal to the price of your plate).

Tip #3. Choose your attire carefully. The golden rule is: don't wear white (because it's the bride's color) or anything too flashy or revealing. Generally, the wedding dress code is dark suits for men and cocktail dresses for women, but it may vary depending on the season of the wedding and even time of the day. So if you're confused about the dress code, just ask about it in advance to avoid awkward situations.

Tip #4. Arrive on time. A wedding is not an event to be fashionably late for, so we suggest that you get there at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, just in case. If you do get there late after all (no one is immune to unfortunate accidents), sit quietly in the back, trying to attract as little attention as possible. And don't even think about ditching the ceremony and heading straight to the reception, it's extremely rude.

Tip #5. Don't get drunk. When you're attending a wedding with an open bar, you should show restraint when it comes to drinking because you don't want to be that drunk guest who embarrasses themselves in front of everyone and spoils the fun. Don't forget to stay hydrated and eat something in between drinks.

Tip #6. Have fun. The bride and groom probably won't be able to talk with you for long, because they have a lot of guests to greet, so don't let this disappoint you and have fun. The couple have probably spent a lot of money on the wedding, it's a shame to let it go to waste. Don't sulk in the corner, go mingle and hit the dance floor when it's time. (Although we recommend that you avoid wedding hookups.)



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