How to Put “Adults Only” on Your Wedding Invitations

How to Put “Adults Only” on Your Wedding InvitationsIt's getting very popular to organize adults-only weddings, and there are many reasons for that. First of all, it's very hard to entertain children at a wedding. So organizing an adults-only wedding is not so expensive and easier. However, you will never put words “Adults only” on your wedding invitations, because it's not the right way to tell guests to come without their extended family. Our tips will help you write the invitations the right way.

The words “No children, please” in your invitation would let everybody know, what kind of wedding you have. But think of sensitive guests, who can bristle up as they read the note. That's why you need other words, that let everybody know, whom you invite or not.

Don't address your wedding invitations to the whole family, otherwise the guests will think, that it's the invitation for the whole family. Instead of this write “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, and make sure that your text has no hints about kinds at your wedding. Writing it is the hardest thing, but it's the only way to go.

In most cases your guests should understand your intentions and RSVP for themselves only. However, there is always someone who RSVP for the whole family. In this case you have to call them and explain, why their children can't come. Yes, it's hard, but every bride has to go through it. Explain the guests that their children can't come due to budget constrains. Even if it's not true, stick to this reason, because it's the most understandable excuse that you can find. Be ready, that your words will upset the guests, however, be firm and don't make any exceptions, even for your favorite niece. If your guests see children at your wedding, they might think, that you actually picked up the kids, who should be invited!

If leaving kids at home turns out to be a really big problem for many guests, then think of a way, how you can entertain children in a hotel, where your guests stay, without bringing them to your wedding. Be ready to throw a little pizza party and hire a babysitter for an evening. You can also invite a magician or a clown to make this night special for the kids. Your decision on entertainment the children depends only on your budget.

Now let's answer the question, whether you should or shouldn't have a flower girl or a ring bearer, if you have an adult-only wedding. If you find it so sweet to include children to the wedding ceremony, you can do it. However, they shouldn't be present at your wedding party. Don't make these children feel like they are missing out, that's why use the idea with a special small party for them.



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