Out-of-Town Guests Invitation Etiquette

Out-of-Town Guests Invitation EtiquetteYour wedding is the happiest moment of your life and your want to invite your relatives and close friends to share it with you. If all of them are local, then you have nothing to worry about: just follow the usual pre-wedding routine. But if your guests have to travel from other cities, states or even countries, then you have to know some tips, that help you make your guest feel at home. Here is the out-of-town guests invitation etiquette.

In many cases bride and groom fail to give their out-of-town guests proper invitations allowing them to schedule their trip, reserve tickets and find accommodation. They are too busy to think about it, that's why the guests very often have no chance to attend the wedding or give not very expensive gifts due to their own traveling and living expenses. Think about your out-of-town guests and make your wedding perfect for everyone!

Send your guests invitations in time. Don't send your invitations 6 weeks before the wedding, because many of your guests won't be able to come or will have to buy expensive tickets and reserve expensive rooms in hotels. Remember, that long trips have to be planned and tickets bought in advance, moreover, your guests need to fit your wedding in their own vacation plans. Send save the date 8 months before your wedding, formal invitation can be sent 4 months before your wedding and RSVP 2 months in advance.

Normally you're not responsible for the expenses of your out-of-town guests for traveling and accommodating, but if you don't have too many guests and you can provide them a room in your house, then offer it. Your guest will save a lot! In case you don't have such opportunity, then think how you can make their traveling to your city or town for your guests easier. Send recommendations about the airlines, hotels and restaurants with the cheapest prices together with your invitation. It can be a direct link or at least some useful tips and information about special discounts.

About 6 months before your wedding begin calling the nearby hotels and find out if they have free rooms at the dates close to your wedding. Make reservations in several hotels with different prices. Some guests have enough money to pay for a luxurious room, while others may choose something more modest.

Think about the entertainment for your out-of-town guests. There might be some interesting places to see in your city, then provide your guests with the traveling guide. Don't forget, that these people come to your wedding and want to spend more time with you, that's why include your guests to rehearsal dinner. You can also organize a special party for them, where your guests will get to know each other better.

During your wedding you can make a great free touch for your out-of-town guests: individually acknowledge them during the speeches. This way you will show other local guests the great effort these people made to travel to you.

Don't be upset if some of your out-of-town guests refuse your invitation to your wedding. Their costs may be too high or they just don't have time to come to you.



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