How to Become a Morning Person in Five Minutes

How to Become a Morning Person in Five MinutesRecent studies have shown, that out ability to wake up early in the morning depends only on our genes. However, you can do something to trick the nature and become a morning person. It won't take you too long, just spend about five minutes each evening and morning, and you will be able to wake up earlier.

Set right intentions before your go to bed. Some people can sleep just for four hours and be full of energy before the Big Day, while others can't imagine how they will be able to wake up in six hours and go to work. The main reason for this difference is intentions that everyone of us sets before going to bed. For instance, you think “Oh my God, I have to get up in six hours and it makes me feel miserable” and we bet you will wake up in the same mood and feel drowsy all day long. Setting right intentions is very important, that's why think positively.

Sleep 8 hours. An adult person should sleep eight hours a day, but lack of sleep causes the feeling of drowsiness early in the morning. Many evening persons don't sleep enough, so there is no surprise why they can't get up early.

Drink water. Did you know that dehydration can be the reason of feeling fatigue? You didn't drink any water in the night, so the first thing that you have to do early in the morning is to drink a glass of water. No coffee or tea should go first, only water, that will give you energy. By the way, skipping breakfast just because you can't wake up earlier is also not a good idea. A cup of coffee (even if it's with sugar and milk) won't give your body energy and you will feel tired. It's also one more reason to start waking up at least 15 minutes earlier than you do. And when you do that, don't forget to treat yourself with delicious breakfast, like fresh baked bars.

Brush your teeth. Your body needs some time to wake up, so use this time effectively. After your turn off the alarm clock go directly to bathroom and brush your teeth and wash up. These simple activities will increase your wakeup motivation.

Move your going-to-bed time. Now it's time to move the time when you go to bed, so you will be able to wake up in the morning. Doing that earlier and spending an hour trying to fall asleep before your usual time won't give any result, unless you prepare your body for that. First of all turn off the radio or TV and keep the lights dim in the evenings. Watching a film before you go to bed won't make you feel drowsy at all, that's why keep all screens out of your bedroom after 9 PM. Take some time to prepare your mind for sleeping.

Pick a new waking time. Gradually work towards your new waking time. For instance, you want to start waking up at 7 AM, but you're stuck at 8. Set your alarm at 7:45 and gradually move down till you achieve the goal.

Don't use snooze button. The biggest mistake everyone does in the morning is hitting the snooze button. Setting an alarm an hour before your actual waking time won't do anything good, because it interrupts your sleeping cycle. Hitting the snooze button and going to bed again just because you're so tired won't help you to become a morning person. Get up once the alarm goes, and there should be no excuse to go back to bed again!



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