8 Date Ideas for Teens

8 Date Ideas for TeensUnfortunately for teenagers, they have limited date night options as they're usually on a tight budget and can't go everywhere they want. Dinner and a movie and ice cream dates can get boring after a while, so teens have to get creative. Here are eight date ideas for teenagers to choose from.

Picnic. Many teenagers can't go out for dinner often because it's an expensive date. Picnic is much cheaper, but it is just as romantic. You can have a picnic at the local park or even your own back yard. And don't worry about the weather. Chilly weather is a perfect excuse for cuddling!

Skating. It's a classic variant, but it never gets old because ice skating dates are very romantic. You can hold hands as you skate together and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows afterwards. If you don't want to get cold, you can opt for an indoor skating rink. If it is summer and there are no indoor skating rinks in the vicinity, you can go to a roller rink.

Impromptu photo shoot. Nowadays most cell phones have cameras, so your phone is the only thing you will need. Go for a walk and take turns modeling for each other. You can even use props, but if you don't have any, that's okay. Just have fun and don't forget to ask someone to take several photos of the two of you.

Zoo. Zoo is not just for kids, anyone can enjoy seeing different animals and birds. If you have a zoo near you, you should definitely go there together. Don't wait until weekend: most zoos offer a discount on admission on one of the weekdays.

Cooking or baking together. Doing things together will bring you closer. If you have enough time and a free kitchen, start your date with going to a grocery store, then go back to one of your houses and start cooking. If the food turns out good (or at least edible), it's an additional bonus.

Hiking. Every town has a nice place for nature walks, whether it is a beach, a trail in the woods or the local park, a lake, or an arboretum. Enjoy fresh air and the beauty of nature together. Don't forget to take pictures so that the memories will last. If you don't like long walks, you can go for a bike ride.

Board games. Board games can be a lot of fun. Don't be afraid to get competitive. Even if you have a disagreement, you have a perfect way to make up (yes, we mean making out). As most board games are made for more than two people, you can turn your date night into a double date with your friends.

Flea market or bookstore. You don't have to buy anything, just explore a local flea market or bookstore and see if you can find something interesting. Many large bookstores offer not only books, but also crafts, board games, etc. Maybe you'll end up picking a board game for two for your next date night.



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