8 Romantic Cold Weather Date Ideas

8 Romantic Cold Weather Date IdeasHot summer is over, but it doesn't mean that now you should stay indoors all the time. Cold weather isn't an excuse to stop enjoying your dates with your special one outdoors. And our eight romantic cold weather date ideas will help you spend a great time together with your second half, no matter whether it's snowing outside or not.

#1 Picnic. Summer is the best time of the year, when you can enjoy picnic, but it doesn't mean that cold weather can spoil everything. In fact, you can enjoy picnic even when it's snowing, and by the way, you will admire the beauty around you. Grab snow boots and warm blankets, that will protect you from cold. Pack hot chocolate in mugs and cook hot sandwiches. Wrap them in foil to keep them warm till you arrive to the place of your picnic. So now you can enjoy your warm food and beautiful weather outside.

#2 Backyard campfire. It's great if you have a backyard with a fire pit. You can create a winter camping experience for two of you. You can make s'mores or fry hot-dogs and tell each other funny or ghost stories.

#3 Winter activities. Skating and sledding are the most loved winter activities. It's time to find your old sled and use it to spend a great date with your partner. If you don't have sleds, then go to a skating rink, the skate rentals are not very expensive.

#4 Enjoy holiday decoration. Almost every city and town prepares a special decoration for the holiday season. And if you're planning a date around this time, then go to admire it. Go to look at Christmas tree in the town center or light displays around the town. Many shops also organize interesting displays, that are worth seeing.

#5 Hot chocolate date. Organize a great date by hitting a couple of coffee shops, that are situated near each other. You can go from shop to shop and taste the holiday drinks that they serve, like hot chocolate or coffee with special holiday flavors: cinnamon, gingerbread and peppermint.

#6 Make a snowman. Remember, how fun it was to make a snowman, when you were a child? Now it's time to repeat it. Compete, who will make the best snowman or be a team. By the way, you can try your hand in making snow sculptures. However, if you're not for it, then just start a snowball fight.

#7 Go to an aquarium. Going to the seashore in winter isn't a great idea, but you can watch sea life together with your partner in an aquarium. By the way, dim lights of the aquarium create a very romantic atmosphere.

#8 Enjoy a carriage ride. There is nothing better than a carriage ride around a picturesque winter park. You will be offered a blanket to keep you cozy and warm. However, the rides can be expensive, and if you want to save, then look for promotions.



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