How to Feel Better About Yourself

How to Feel Better About YourselfThere are plenty of things we can't control and they make us feel down. And we also contribute by making ourselves feel even worse. It's time to stop it and become a happier person. These simple tips will help you feel better about yourself.

Constant problems at work, things that irritate you or drive crazy lead to depression. But you don't need to wait, till something nice happens in your life and make you feel better. You can start right now with small things, that will lift you up.

Call your mom. Your mother is the person who can always support. However, if it's not you mom, then there should be a person, who can make you feel better. Immediately call this person and talk to them.

Do some exercises. It shouldn't take for a long time, even five minutes should be enough for you. It will boost your energy and you will feel much better.

Feed birds. Take a peace of bread and go to a park to feed birds. Looking at birds who sing for you is so amazing. You feel like a god, and there's something great about it.

Have a cup of tea with your favorite cookies. There's nothing better than a hot cup of tea with a home-made cookie or a chocolate bar. Treating yourself with something tasty always works!

These are just the examples, of what you can do, to feel better right now, but they give only temporary effect. You need the effect to be constant, and you can't achieve it, if you don't work. Don't worry, there's nothing hard about it.

Collect objects. Create your own collection of happiness and look at it, whenever you want to feel good. The objects shouldn't be very big, but they have to mean something to you. A yellow dry leaf can remind you about a happy walk in a park or woods. A cork from a bottle of wine, that you drank on a special evening. A postcard from a visit you enjoyed so much. There are plenty of things, that can make you feel better.

Collect your memories. In case you can't collect objects, because you think that keeping rubbish is useless, then collect you memories, by writing them down on pieces of paper. Put them into a jar and reread them at the end of every month or week. You nice memories shouldn't be very big, just write everything, that gave you positive experience.

Write three good things about you. Every night before you go to sleep write three things that you liked about yourself during the day. These things can be very simple, like “I walked home instead of taking a bus”. Read the list in the morning, before you get out of bed. Do this exercise every day during a month and you will see, that your attitude towards yourself has changed. It's because you make your mind think about positive things in you and look for them in your environment, instead of focusing on something bad. Yes, this exercise requires a lot of effort, but did you really think, that happiness comes out of the blue?



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