How to Cope With the Feeling of Loneliness

How to Cope With the Feeling of LonelinessLoneliness and depression go hand in hand, however, they are never confused. But what causes major problem, is dealing with this feeling, and especially it's hard, when you're surrounded by people, who never understand you. It's high time to stop suffering and cope with the feeling of loneliness.

The feeling of loneliness is very complex emotional phenomenon and it has different levels as well as many types. It's experienced as the feeling that something is not right, or you miss one particular person, who will never come back. Sometimes loneliness is also felt, when you're physically isolated from other people, because you work on the night shifts and see people very seldom. No matter what caused your feeling of loneliness, you can always handle it.

Admit, that loneliness is just a feeling. You might think, that you're lonely and nobody loves or cares about you, but it's not truth. Loneliness is not the fact, it's just your feeling, and your mind only exaggerates it and pays too much attention to it. Don't try to make sense of this feeling, because is it will involve many facts that will only confuse you. Just embrace your feeling without any reaction.

Reach out to others. Talking to people who care about you and love you is the best way to cope with the feeling of loneliness. You will feel support and understand, that you're actually not alone in this world. However, if you have no friends, then loneliness can motivate you to make new ones.

Become more active. People who have a rich social life are rarely depressed or feel lonely. So if you're all alone, start changing this situation. You can always call your family or your friends, write an e-mail or visit them. In case it's not possible, or nobody won't understand you, talk to your pastor, counselor or teacher. Talking it out can make you feel much better, and you might get some pieces of advice.

Get involved in any activities or clubs. Any activity can take your mind off from being lonely. Find the activity or club that you would enjoy to join, and follow it. First of all, it will give you opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. And when you're surrounded by these people, the feeling of loneliness goes away. At first you might find it hard to push yourself to join the activity on a routine, but after a while you won't be able to imagine your life without it.

Be persistent. It might turn out, that the activity or club you've decided to join doesn't suit you. Don't stop, AA recommends trying six groups to find the one, that isn't your dead end. Once you find the group and become friends with one or two persons, nourish this friendship, because it will let you get rid of the feeling of loneliness.



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