How to Fight Money Stress

How to Fight Money StressNot a single person in the world can resist stress that comes from money. And if you think, that the more you earn, the happier you will be, you're wrong. Rich people are stressed as well as poor ones, and it comes from money. So let's see, what you can do to fight money stress.

Check what causes your money stress. There are many things, that can cause your money stress. Is it mortgage? Or is it the debt of your credit card? Are you're going to lose your job? Or are you just jealous, that your neighbor earns twice more and can afford things that you can't? Understanding what causes your money stress is the first step to combat it.

Spend less. Earning more money isn't likely to make you happier and decrease the level of stress, unless you've lost your job and you're homeless. In this case more money would really help you change your life. But in case you spend more than you earn, making more money won't help at all. The reason is that you will adjust your spending habits to the income you have. It means, that if you start earning more, you will consequently start spending more.

Cut down on things that you don't need. It's easy to say, that you need to spend less, but how? First of all, cut down on things, that you don't need and that don't make you happy. Stop buying clothes that you don't need, and you won't worry any more, that you're short on money. You can also save, if you stop buying morning lattes, eating out, etc. Although you don't get some things that you've used to before, you will be happier, because you spend less.

Deal with your debt. Having a debt is no fun, and you can't be happy, if it's more than 40 percent of your monthly income. Saving money by cutting down on some things can help you pay off your credit card.

Save and don't think about the result. Stress can be caused by the thought, that you need to save in order to buy something, that will make you happier in future. But whenever you think about the sum that is still to go, you feel, like you will never reach the desirable result. Don't think about the whole sum of money you need, instead of it focus on the progress that you've already made and you will feel much better about it.

Don't let negative thoughts control you. The news that your company is going to downsize is surely to make you think, that you will lose your job. Even if it will really happen, start doing something instead of spending your mental energy on self-torturing at 3 A.M. Start saving money, so you can have the sum needed for at least six months of a happy living or think, how you can improve your skills, that you become a valuable worker. Usually everything is not so bad, and your spouse won't leave you just because you've got fired. So stop thinking like that in the mid of the night and think things over again in the morning.

Build your wealth. Become a happier person, by choosing to build your wealth, instead of spending money on material possessions, that you don't need at all. Purchase less stuff and invest at least 10% of your income.



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