How to Protect Your Relations From January Breakup

How to Protect Your Relations From January BreakupJanuary is an official breakup month! Many couples, no matter how long they are together, break up either in January or in February, and the attorneys love the season. So if you think, that there's something wrong between two of you, find out how to protect your relations from January breakup.

There are many reasons, why it's January, but not July or any other month. Actually, many breakups that happen in January, should have taken place in October. But mostly couples never break up before holidays (as well as any other Big Days, like anniversary or birthday), instead of that they decide to last for three months more and never spoil mood to anyone during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also take into account so many reserved flights, commitments and also non-returnable gifts for the significant ones, that there is no other way out. Nobody wants to become a Grinch!

Some people don't break up before holidays, because they are selfish and want to receive their presents. You think it's funny, but it really happens. And if the couple has kids, then they wait till the end of the holiday season. Not a single child will be happy to decorate Christmas cookies with the thought about the divorce of their mom and dad in the air.

January is also the most difficult month because of the holiday stress. Christmas didn't manage to smooth the sharp edges, and instead of that made things even worse. So instead of spending great time together everyone gets more and more irritated. And the financial stress becomes the last straw that snaps the camel's back.

As you see, January is very difficult for many couples. Although some try to make it till Valentine's Day, you should understand, that your relationship is in danger. And even if you understand, that the breakup is inevitable, you can try to avoid it by pushing your relations to a new level. Even if it never helps you, at least you will be prepared to face the worst. Here is what you can do right now.

Plan time for two of you. Don't put off the urgency to talk and don't make any excuses, because you're too busy. Go to a quiet place, order some wine and talk about your relations. Your conversation should be focused around two themes only: couple time and family time. Why these two themes? Because many people don't like family obligations and have another vision for time spent with family. Make sure, that your relations is the priority for two of you.

Address the issues and make the conversation going. It might be hard to hear the truth and your scarcely know what to answer. But silence can't resolve the problems you have, so you need an open and honest dialogue.

There is one biggest dealbreaker, that you can't confront: your partner isn't that into you. Even if it's really so, at least you have an opportunity to unwind your relations without being abandoned alone. You're grieving, but at least you are not angry and don't recriminate. After all, the breakup was coming, but you dealt with it with dignity and respect.



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