How to Handle a Crush While You're in a Relationship

How to Handle a Crush While You're in a RelationshipBeing in a relationship doesn't mean that you can't feel anything towards other people. You can't do anything with the fact that sexy waiter makes your heart beat very fast, while you're enjoying your meal with your partner. It's just a little crush, and it would be totally normal to enjoy it, if you were single. But how can you handle this crush while you're in a relationship?

Enjoy your crush. Nobody will blame you for the feelings you have. In fact, understanding that someone except your partner also likes you is very nice. But be sure that you don't take your crush any further, just enjoy it.

Minimize your time together. Stay safe from unexpected and unnecessary consequences by hanging out with your crush. You can do it by minimizing your time together. If you know that you will meet your crush at a party, then stay friendly and try not to chat for a long time. If you work together, then don't look for opportunities to meet your crush anytime. And when you meet them, keep distance between two of you.

Hide your crush from your profile. It's hard to forget about someone, if you constantly see them or know what's going on in their life. Reading their status, looking at new posted pictures and chatting in social media can't help you get over your crush. You're likely to forget about this person only if you don't see them constantly.

Don't share too much with your crush. You may have some problems with your partner, but your crush shouldn't know about it. In fact, your crush shouldn't know anything about your private life. Knowledge is power, and your crush may use this knowledge against your relations and get what they want from you.

Ask yourself, what's the point? Sometimes handling crush is very hard and you may be tempted to get over it by getting under your crush. But is there a point doing it? Adultery won't give you any satisfaction. You will feel like a cheater and it will be a big nail in the coffin of your relations.

Your crush is a warning. Look at the crush as at a warning, that something bad is going on in your relations. Maybe, your unhappy or your partner doesn't give you what you want to. Now you're looking for these things in your crush. Save your relations by strengthening bond with your partner.

Talk to your partner. If you can't handle your crush alone, then you have to talk to your partner about it. Let them know what's going on and find the way out together. If your partner is mature enough, they will keep you in check. And if you know that the reaction will be negative, then tell about your feelings to your best friend.



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