How to Deal With the Always-Late Friend

How to Deal With the Always-Late FriendSome people are always on time, while others are at least 20 minutes (and sometimes even hours) late! It irritates, because while you wait for your friend, you feel offended, and it's always like this. So how can you deal with the always-late friend?

Coming late is a real problem for many people. And they can't change, because they don't know how to do it. And the one thing that you can do, is change your own attitude to the fact, that your friend always comes late. Make sure, that this time that you have to wait is really productive for you.

First of all, talk to your friend about your own feelings. Don't offend them, because friendship is more important, than arrival on time. It's proven, that friendship can't be affected by the fact, that someone is always late, because this person gives you the required socializing. Ask your friend, why they are always late and find out the answer. It might happen, that your friend just doesn't know how to effectively manage their time. By the way, you're not the only one person, whom your friend makes to wait for, so don't take things personally.

Try to find the way, how you can make your friend come on time. If your friend is willing to come on time, but never knows how to do it, ask them to think, that you have no cell-phone and you can't be called. If your friend can't call you and tell you, that they are late, then they will have to come on time. If it doesn't work, just tell your friend, that you're to meet half an hour earlier, than it really should be. Don't worry, you don't have to come earlier at all!

When nothing works, change your own attitude to the fact, that your friend will never come on time, and don't put yourself in situations, when you depend on your friend. For instance, don't arrange the meetings, when your friend has to pick you up for the movie. You know your friend will be late and you miss it!

In case you're to meet at your house, then don't try to have everything done by the time your friend arrives. There can be lots of things in your “to do” list, that you can do while waiting. Make sure that you spend your time productively.

Be productive, even if you have to wait for your friend somewhere outside. Take a book or a newspaper to read, you will entertain yourself and never notice the time, that you had to wait. If you're not a book-worm, then check your email or chat with your other friends.

If you have kids who love your friends and are always eager to see them, never tell the children, that you're going to meet somebody. Go to a place, where you can spend great time together, and let the arrival of your friend be a nice surprise for them.



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