How to Spot a Manipulative Man

How to Spot a Manipulative ManYou're eager to find your second half and your searches may lead to relations with a manipulator. Such relations won't give you anything good, that's why it's better to spot a manipulative man before you're in love with him. Our tips will help you to avoid such people.

Depression. Did you notice that your man acts depressed or even suicidal, when you don't want to do what he wants you to? It's the first sign of a manipulative man. If you hear expressions like “I can't live without you” or “I will hurt myself if you leave”, then it's clear that you're being manipulated. Leave this person and never mind, if he really hurts himself.

Money. Many manipulative men love to use money to make their “prey” totally dependable on them. First they spend a lot for presents, then ask you to move to their place and leave your work, because you don't need it at all. He earns enough of money for two of you, so you can become a housewife and never worry about going to work. But when manipulator wants something from you, he will withdraw money or presents, so you're easily controlled.

Isolation. A manipulative man will try to isolate you from socializing, so you won't see your family and friends. It's done in order to keep you from conversations, that can highlight his offensive behavior. And even if you see your friends and relatives, then you never do it on your own. You're always with him, and he keeps the situation under control.

Bullying. Bullying is a form of manipulation. Threats that he uses will keep you around him. However, there are many other forms of bullying, and these shouldn't be threats only.

It's all their fault. You can't live in a fairytale all the time, and when the problems arise, it's not his fault that everything when wrong. A manipulative man usually blames his partner to cause the disagreement. This behavior will lead to your apologize and the access to the triggers that manipulate you.

No communication. The manipulator will never admit the fact, that he tries to manipulate you. In fact, he will change the subject or start arguing, and will do everything the way, that it's your fault that you again have a disagreement. You again feel guilty and again you're easily manipulated.

Mind games. Mind games also can be used to control you. Imagine a situation, when you have a couple of really fun dates, but as soon as you disagree with him, he will avoid contact with you till you start worrying what's happened. It's the way how the manipulator shifts the focus on himself and lets you know, how unhappy you've made him.



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