How to Cancel a Date at the Last Minute

How to Cancel a Date at the Last MinuteYou said yes, but now you don't want to go to that date. The person might be not right for you, or you're not ready to date again. Whatever the reason, you have to back out of date and do it in a nice way not to look rude. Let's see, how to cancel a date at the last minute.

As anyone else, you want to be polite and leave good impression. Who knows, may be you will change your mind again and want to have another date. So the best thing to do is to cancel the date the day before. What should you tell? Well, you can tell the truth. You've changed your mind, because you think it won't work with two of you.

The longer you wait to back out of the date, the more awkward situation will be. Call at least 2 hours before the date, it's the time when many people start preparation. During conversation you will have to explain the reason why you can't go to the date. You can tell the truth, or lie, if you don't want to hurt the person. In case you don't have genuine excuse, you can use these reasons, why you can't go.

#1 Unexpected circumstances. There are plenty of things that can happen in you life. For instance, you can tell that your family has arrived from abroad unexpectedly and you have to meet them.

#2 You're double-booked. Your family or friends asked you for something and now you have to choose between them and your date. Your priority, as you already guess, isn't the date. However, even if you don't have a special priority that is conflicting with your date, your overwhelmed schedule can be a reason to back out.

#3 You need to be there for another person. Use commitment to your family members or friends in order to cancel the date. Well, don't tell that you have to attend your grandma's funeral, while she's still alive. Just think of any minor tragedy, for instance, your friend is going through hard times and you have to be there for them.

#4 You're sick. No one wants to date a sick person. So pretend to be sick. High temperature, headache, running nose (make sure that you sound like that). Stomach ache also always works.

#5 You work late. Job excuses always work great. For instance, you boss called you and told you that you have to come to work or prepare some important documents. You have to work late, that's why you can't come to date. If you want to use this excuse, make sure that nobody will see you hitting the bar with your friends.

If you plan to see this person again, then you definitely have to suggest an alternative. Set the new date for your date. But if you're really not sure about it, then ask for a rain check. Your schedule is really unclear and you have to consider the date another time.



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